Destiny Glimmer Cap

Yes it is true Bungie‘s new game Destiny, has a Glimmer cap! Glimmer is the in-game currency used to purchase and even upgrade things like armor and weapons.

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Jacktrauma1495d ago

Rollin deep with dat glimmer! Lol nice work!

nX1495d ago

Actually people reached this cap in the Alpha already, I'm at 16k Glimmer as well and it's quite annoying. It's probably there to keep the economy balanced but it makes you buy random stuff just to avoid it :/

16bitNutritionist1495d ago

I can't keep hold of glimmer and I'm at level 21 lol...I jus buy too much crap I think

Mega241495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Glimmer isn't that important, I buy green weapons and encrypts just to keep ranking it, and get some weapon parts and plating for my other armor and weapons

christian hour1495d ago

I spend all my glimmer on the cryptarch to level him up, acording to this screen cap he's only half way through level 5 with the cryptarch, can easily spend that 25000 on more engrams to boost that level and therefore the quality of his loot :P

Mega241495d ago

Tip for people, If you hit the Glimmer cap, buy weapons and armor/ encrypt stuff from the tower, then just dismantle them for weapon parts and armor parts, that way you always have parts for upgrades, and Rank up the Cryptarch reputation.

shammgod1495d ago

I spend my glimmer like a mug!