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AAAG's Tyler writes: "Destiny seems like it should be amazing. It has the talented people at Bungie at the helm. It has the marketing push of Activision and has been billed as “from the creators of Halo and the studio that brought you Call of Duty.” The story is planned to be supported for the next ten years through expansion packs and updates. It also has had what some consider the most astronomical budget for a video game sitting at 500 million dollars. All of this to bring their ambitious vision of a vast, living sci-fi MMOFPS to life.

As of this writing I have spent three days playing the game to its level cap and have experienced everything Destiny has to offer, and for all of the money and talent on hand, the final product can only be called alright."

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moegooner881586d ago

Having a blast playing the game, can't recommend it enough.

ShowGun9011586d ago

i agree, been playing it all week, along with about 10 other ps4 buddies... we're having an awesome time with it, i would give it a 8 or 9... a 6 is simply click-bait...

Remy_Chaos1586d ago

9 is too high, though I'm also enjoying the game. I would say 7 or 8 is much more realistic. Scores of 9 should be for phenomenal games, while scores of 10 should be for pretty much perfection, which is rare. Too many reviewers handing both out lately for less deserving games though. As for Destiny though, the hate train's running simply because it's not a Xbox exclusive, or at least that's a large portion of the hate going around. The other being sites using it to get cheap clicks. So again I'll put, why wasn't Titanfall reviewed as harshly???

ABizzel11585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

The enjoyment of the game depends on if you're playing with friends or not, but there's the saying everything is better with co-op, and in most cases that's true, and it's the same with Destiny.

Playing on your own instantly makes this game boring, a grindfest, and can put off a lot of people. However, playing with a group of friends (I can't for the life of me understand why teams a 3 man, instead of 4) makes the experience more enjoyable, but a game should be able to stand on it's own as well and in that regard Destiny does not.

It's not a bad game, and it had great potential, but it didn't live up to it in this first game.

As a single player only game it's a 7.5

Co-op it's an easy 8 or 8.5

joab7771586d ago

I think ppl just love to jump on the bandwagon. This game is so far from a 6.5 it isn't even funny.

This week is a lesson in video game journalism and literacy. If u don't understand it, or it isn't what u expected, trash it.

Luckily I have followed this game since it was announced and I knew it was an mmo. Being that I love great fps games and ND mmo's, I love Destiny and it's trajectory.

But try to explain it to someone wanting a 5 hr sp campaign and forget about it. I hop at some point, Bungie just patches it's ten like 20 minutes of cutscenes...then we can move on to what's important...gameplay and content, which destiny does so well. And no...cutscenes are not content.

Yes, I do hold Bungie accountable for shying away from the mmo moniker, but now it's out there and ppl can decide for themselves. I just find it comical that about short cookie cutter sp and 10 mp maps is loads of content that keeps ppl busy for yrs, but Destiny is lacking and has no soul.

Get out of here. It's actually quite an amazing game to be honest. Strike missions on hard and PvP is really good.

It's too bad, and I know mmo's are not for everyone, but ppl really are missing out if they giv up early or read reviews of an mmo days after the release.

Mega241585d ago

If they put 20 minute cutscenes, then they bitch that its more of a movie. Just like MGS.

Bungie understands the problem, people will bitch no matter what. I love it, but I love WoW also, so its not surprising haha.

spacedelete1585d ago

or maybe the game is actually a bit rubbish. many games are repetitive but most games hide that repetitive well or that repetitive gameplay is still fun. Destiny is straight up boring. i'm watching streams on Twich and the people playing it look bored.

if you have played the beta you have pretty much played the game. its that repetitive.

GrandpaSnake1585d ago

yeah i was trying to figure out how all these fps games have gotten the pass with less content and even more simple mechanics (jump slash, melee,for years. Halo for example didnt do much at all with mechanics or content and actually boosted the dlc campaign. I was already playing loads of games! with great stories! the whole master chief and cortana thing was bland to me.

the mechanics are so innovative it hurts but most brainwashed fanboys cant see that you can do everything within these 3 classes. from flying to boosting ,sliding, dashing,double jump, weapon mods coop, sp , raids and pvp

on mechanics alone it is on another level
story can be subjective(i think it was awesome)
replay value is through the roof
pvp is smooth servers are good and full

i mean it seems like a smeer campaign against destiny, either that or it just shows how retarded some journalist are. they praise a mediocre military story with a repetitive mp.

almost every game you can say(especially cod)
ugh its repetitive i move forward shoot some stuff move forward again kill the boss move on story ends good bye.

people are being utterly ridiculous.

SharnOfTheDEAD1585d ago

People say it's boring and repetitive then how does Diablo 3 score better in reviews?

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Neixus1586d ago

''As of this writing I have spent three days playing the game to its level cap and have experienced everything Destiny has to offer, and for all of the money and talent on hand, the final product can only be called alright."''

This pretty much sums it up correct. Hopefully Bungie have learned alot, and will create a much better sequel.

Ron_Danger1586d ago

Except the author hasn't experienced everything cause Bungie adds weekly raids and there are vendors that only show up on certain days. There are a lot of elements to this game that reviewers seem to obviously be missing.

Spurg1585d ago

Not only that there are special bounty you get which requires you to do multiple thing such as no death strikes and then next stage is to get a certain about of K/D spread in multiplayer and last to do the weekly challenge...this lead to an awesome weapon. I ended up with a exotic shotgun which does some pretty awesome stuff normal and rare weapon don't. Very rewarding stuff like that seems makes me wanna play even more destiny.

Sheed1586d ago

For the most expensive video game to develop of all time, there is no excuse for the game to be lacking in any criteria

captainexplosion1586d ago

What does it matter if this game was expensive or hyped? Shouldn't we judge games without taking that into account?

ShowGun9011585d ago

what people don't get is bungie will be adding content constantly, that $500mil isn't even spent yet! as we speak, bungies in their caves somewhere adding new modes and raids, and that takes money... thats why it was so expensive, and THATS why the story isn't 100% done. i'd rather the add ons actually continue the epic instead of being silly tack-ons, like infamous' carnival of blood (which was cool, but its still a good example)

Haru1586d ago

imo Bungie never created a really good game, I don't know why everyone had such high expectation I mean it's just a avearage game studio nothing more

Ninver1585d ago

Sorry but halo is as generic as they come. A character with no face and the personality of a hooker in bed. Give me a break.

ALLWRONG1585d ago

You wish you had Halo on a PS, then you might actually have something to play. 3 time GOTY winner generic? Keep trying.

700p1585d ago

lmao pls. Halo is a great game.

NewAgeisHere1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Biggest flop of 2014, even Watch Dogs was better.Last time I fall for Activision hype.

Brix901585d ago

Stop trolling...Watch Dogs was shit

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