Sci Fi Weekly Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

The sons of the Illuminati-like Patriots conclude their clandestine near-future war for the fate of civilization in the closing chapter of the action-stealth series

By Matt Peckham
Instead, pay attention to the way Kojima manufactures a kind of queasy anxiety throughout, as when the camera prowls desiccated desert vistas like a paranoid animal during the intro, picking at the corpses with the crows as trucks filled with PMC reinforcements motor onto the battlefield. Think about indices like the psyche and stress meters that adjoin Snake's health, compromising his aim when they drop and dropping when he's under all sorts of duress-including standing near dead bodies. And consider the way Kojima shrewdly answers aphorisms like Tim Cain's "War never changes" (famously uttered by Ron Perlman during the intro to 1997's Fallout) with "War has changed," followed by a Homeric series denouement that's every bit as sophisticated as last year's BioShock. Like that game, this one raises the bar forever, looking back on occasion only to show us how far it's come.

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Says you3957d ago

A perfectionist like Hideo Kojima cause if they were just think of all the PS3 games that would be like this!.

Veryangryxbot3957d ago

Another perfect 10!? And the madness continues.

Another massive deathblow to the bots!

theKiller3957d ago

MGS4 perfect reviews from!

10/10 from kombo
10/10 from gamespot
10/10 from IGN
10/10 from Playstation Official Magazine UK
10/10 from GamePro
10/10 from Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
10/10 from Game Informer
10/10 from Gameplayer
10/10 from Console Monster
10/10 from PSX Extreme
10/10 from AceGamez
10/10 from Famitsu
10/10 from MeriStation (Spain)
10/10 from PlayStation Beyond
10/10 from Empire Online
10/10 from neocrisis
10/10 from Rise of Games
10/10 from pocket-lint
10/10 from gamespot(UK)
10/10 from JeuxVideo.FR
10/10 from bingegamer(BG)
10/10 from PSU
10/10 from Dubious (104%)
10/10 from 411
10/10 from X-Play
10/10 from
10/10 from Eurogamer Portugal
10/10 from Loot Ninja
10/10 from PST (
10/10 from ME (
10/10 from 360-Entertainment
10/10 from
10/10 from Level 26
10/10 from PSM (Italy)
10/10 from Playr (bravo uk)
10/10 from ReelGamers
10/10 from Sl!ceGaming
10/10 from Sci Fi
10/10 from Giant Bomb
10/10 from Maxim Online

freakyzeeky3957d ago

Wow, I didn't see that coming... what's next, C-SPAN reviewing Resistance 2? xD

clintos593957d ago

Its just hilarious but hey its nothing major but its good to see other peoples opinions aswell on video games as the gaming industry grows.

BulletToothtony3957d ago

imo i think some reviewers were just too eager to finish the game that couldn't appreciate it...

I flavored that game and took it slow and i loved it..

Bottom line people who have played the game think is the best game ever and haters are happy to hear that an awesome game actually "sucks because of the cutscenes"

So if you're interested in buying the game listen to the 99% players who think this is the best game we have played in years

deeznuts3957d ago

Sheeyat they gave us the best show on TV, battlestar galactica (for those who haven't watched it, do so immediately!) id listen to them before most!

didn't watch BSG because I thought it was a cheesy scifi show until a buddy put it on my netflix queue. awesome show!

So when they say MGS4 is an A+, well I didn't need them to tell me that but I would think they would appreciate the cinematics of hideo's vision more than others may.

kingOVsticks3957d ago

but im still waiting for the inevitable Oprah(or harpo what ever the hell she calls herself) review once that happen MGS4 will sell twice as much bcuz of those soccer moms xD\

btw how the hell did the meta review get down to 9.4 at one point? it hasn't had any negative reviews maybe its all those useless n/a's

bboybobbins3957d ago

Whoever contributed that story said it received a 9.8/100.... I think that may have affected the score a lot, as the drop happened around then.

But I may be wrong, not sure how that average is calculated.

Dethspyder3957d ago

LOL Oprah playing MGS thats a funny image

deeznuts3957d ago

The only buttons Oprah's pressing is Gayle's
oh noes I didunt!

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3957d ago

EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE has a review of it and around forty of those are 100-10-A+! If we could only get myspace and facebook to do a review then it would sell about 100,000,000 copies!!

timmyrulz3957d ago

Yawn...... its getting a little boring this website when all i have to read are reviews of this game, i think we all know by now thats its a Top game but all these posts are sending it into overkill, PLEASE people post some other news, i have nothing against this game i'm just getting a little bored of reading the same thing over and over again

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