Nolan North - The Video Game Industry's Leading Man

"Have you ever wondered who the voice is behind your favourite video game character? I know I certainly have, it's just a curiosity thing. You want to know if the voice actor looks like the in-game character, or if he/she has credits in other games, what they look like in real life and what games they're going to be lending their larynx to next." - TGC

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DarkOcelet1500d ago

Him and Troy Baker make an excellent team . I think Shadow of Mordor is gonna be awesome .

-Foxtrot1500d ago

Really don't see why someone hasn't made a game with these two as the main characters

If NaughtyDog do a new franchise next they should do one of those 80s Buddy cop films with those two as the main leads.

If Uncharted was inspired by Indiana Jones then I'm sure there next game can be inspired by films like Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop and 48 Hours etc

psvitamanfan1500d ago

Imagine Naughty Dog making a Lethal Weapon game... That would be sick

DarkOcelet1500d ago

Thats actually a pretty good idea . And seeing Shadow of mordor they seem to have a great friendship and the bro chemistry between them would be awesome . Its a shame they always end up being against each other in games lol ( David in last of us and Black hand in Shadow of mordor )

WeAreLegion1499d ago

Saints Row IV used them both as voice options.

psvitamanfan1500d ago

Agreed! Probably one of the least hyped up games, hopefully it'll get the attention it deserves when it comes out

TheWatercooler1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Nolan North is awesome but he has some stiff competition from Troy Baker who is still really up and coming.

Together they are the best video gaming has to offer

DCfan1498d ago

His voices are not that great. I was able to recognise his voice in every game he voiced a character in.
Troy Baker and Yuri Lowenthel are better VAs by a mile.