Starter pack deal revealed for PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle

Amazon has revealed a starter pack deal for the PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle. Along with the game and system, the pack has a Limited Edition Gold Headset, Glacier White Vertical Stand and another Glacier White DualShock 4 sold at a lowered price than buying all individual items separately.

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1585d ago

I want a Magma red and Wave blue PS4

CaptainYesterday1585d ago

Yes and yes that would look awesome, I really hope they announce more colours I would be super happy if they released a purple PS4 :)

MasterCornholio1585d ago

How about a blood red PS4 bundled with Bloodborne?

Remy_Chaos1585d ago

Geez, I really should've waited on buying a PS4, oh well. Lucky punks who get this, its amazing!

bigboss19901585d ago

I love my white ps4 :P it looks Evan better in person :)

saoco1585d ago

Bro..... I gave my ps4 away, and I'm looking to buy another one..... I hope this is around next month. I'll buy it.

RedDevils1585d ago

You either have too much money or [fill in the blank] just so you can get a PS4 with different color....

saoco1585d ago

Lol no I don't. I left home for 3 months and ps4 was just going to sit. So I gave it away. Trust, I regret it a little. But it's all good. I'll just save and don't buy car parts.

Clunkyd1585d ago

And a whopping savings of $5.78!

chikane1585d ago

just imagine what i can buy with 5.78$ man the possibilities are endless

more useless bundles by Sony

Sony here is a bundle for you ps4 white 1 year of ps+ a free game plus a vita YES I said a Vita all for only 500$

Copenhagen1585d ago

Thank god you don't run Sony because you'd run it right into the ground with such ludicrous suggestions as this. Hey news flash Sony isn't having any trouble selling PS4's so why would they basically "give you a free vita" and eat the cost? They won't do anything like that at least for 4 years down the line there's no need to and n 4 years they PS4 and the vita will be manufactured cheap enough where in your scenario hey don't lose $300 on a unnecessary bundle.

oasdada1585d ago

Yea nd xbox is offering a gaming pc with its bundles rite?

KONAAs1585d ago

actually if u trade in destiny bestbuy will give u $40 so $40+$5.70= will save u $45.70 PLUS all the hours ud spend on Boring Destiny, like 6 hrs tops

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