8 Best Games DLC Expansions Ever

EasyGuidez: Extra content or DLC expansions give the new missions, characters and inventories to the game. Here are the best 8 DLC expansions of all the time.

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lovingbird1549d ago

Awakening – Dragon Age is Best DLC Expansion for its awesome

Yi-Long1549d ago

Portal 2 and Super Meat Boy also deserve a mention: Free DLC!

The first 2 Trials games on XBLA had great DLC: Lots of value for a fair price. The new DLC for Fusion is crap though. Expensive, and low on content.

Defense Grid also had good DLC.

Red Dead Redemption's Single-Player Zombie DLC was supposedly also very good. I bought it a few weeks ago, but haven't played it yet.

inmusicutrust1549d ago

Loved it, really a good take on the zombie genre, made it fit the game well.

Bigpappy1549d ago

The Morrowind expansions were the best I can recall. Bloodmoon and some other expansion. They added so much more content, exploration and story to what was then the largest and most open word of any game known to mankind or alien 👽.

rocksking1549d ago

For me its a complete package
great list of DLC Expansions

Roshanish1549d ago

Episodes From Liberty City – GTA IV on number 1 its great choice

daBUSHwhaka1549d ago

GTA 4 liberty city stories well deserves a place.Where's Red Dead Undead.

Clown_Syndr0me1549d ago

Red Dead Undead, GTA IV Episodes, the Skyrim DLCS, Dragon Age Awakening...those are my favourites off the top of my head. Glad to see most of them in that list!

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