Why Destiny Review Scores Are Low

"I recently wrote an article were I mentioned why most recent FPS games just seem to lack good scripted content, despite the massive improvements on visuals and effects." Dean Howard -

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ginalee5542687d ago

everyone seems to be faulting Destiny's story. All the reviews are like they don't know what its all about.

Kivespussi2687d ago

I've played Destiny fairly much but don't own it. As far as I know the story and plot is like in Dark Souls: mostly hidden and left for the player to find out. Am I right? Because there has been some criticism towards Souls games just because of that and so far I've seen the same thing happening with Destiny.

Other than that, I enjoy the game a lot with friends. Nothing huge but it's a solid game.

radler2687d ago

Destiny is not a perfect game and there are plenty of criticisms that can be leveled at it, but by and large I think the low 6/10 review scores from the gaming press are quite frankly, complete nonsense.

They're criticizing Destiny for flaws that are rampant in many games that have been awarded much higher scores, and to look at the high review scores for games like COD Ghosts and Battlefield 4 from these same publications only makes these reviewers look utterly hypocritical.

Why are they coming down so hard on Destiny for issues which they give a free pass to other games for? The only reason I can think of is that they're pushing back against Activision for not giving these sites review copies of the game until it went on sale to the general public. Why is this such a big problem? Because it just goes to show how horribly irrelevant and unneeded the gaming press truly is. They're coming down hard on Destiny to keep themselves relevant, that's all there really is to it.

Destiny has flaws, but I would say that it is without question the best fps to be released so far this console generation. The fact that games such as COD, Battlefield and Killzone got significantly higher scores than this game is laughable, and only highlights just how bitter most reviewers are that they didn't get to play the game until everybody else did.

NewMonday2687d ago


"The only reason I can think of is that they're pushing back against Activision for not giving these sites review copies of the game until it went on sale to the general public. Why is this such a big problem? Because it just goes to show how horribly irrelevant and unneeded the gaming press truly is"

exactly, websites feel their turf is under threat, they didn't like the destiny marketing campaign that went over their heads with the developers communicating directly with the gamers.

the only place I find Destiny haters is on the internet, all my friends are enjoying the game and can't put it down

HOLDERofFOOD2687d ago

No it's worse than dark souls because it's constantly in your face, but it's only in your face in that you'll just be sitting there listening to dull people/robot narrate it to your face. 95% of the time exposition is a horrible way to tell stories, both in games and in film, but that's pretty much where it's at in Destiny.

Mr Pumblechook2687d ago

The gaming press are very unhappy because they feel Bungie giving them review copies late undermined them and their importance to the gamer.

XBLSkull2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Ever since I started gaming the 1-10 rating system has gone like this:

1-5 don't exist
6 terrible game not worth playing
7 decent
8 good
9+ amazing

destiny is hardly a 6. Somewhere between a 7-8.

That is unless game reviewers at some point switched to an evenly spaced rating system which puts 5 as an average game - then yes, a 6, slightly above average game seems fair.

PhucSeeker2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Like Dark souls ? Dark Souls didn't give it out but instead give clues and small info in items description or words coming from npc and stuffs around the world . Destiny doesn't have those , you can't interact much in the world , items's descriptions are just stat and npc doesn't talk . All we have are those cut-scenes and that's pretty much it .
Speaking of review , the game is a pretty fun fps but rpg/mmo sucks balls .

wsoutlaw872687d ago

@radler I agree with everything you said. Destiny isnt being reviewed for what it is. No one having fun playing it right now is worried about how they tell the story. It isnt the last of us, its destiny. Cod MW3 got an 85 from gamestop.

purp13m0nk3y2687d ago

The story is fine. It's standard run of the mill Sci Fi fare, but much more entertaining than your average shooter IMO.

Where this game shines for me is the SP campaign in co op with friends. Playing solo feels hollow and lonely. But add a mate or two and it's transformed!

I feel like people are being overly harsh with their reviews and criticisms. It's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than many highly acclaimed games released recently.

BF4 has been essentially broken since launch, COD Ghosts was appallingly bad, Titanfall has terrible performance and is mind numbing repetitive. And yet these games scored very well.

IMO destiny is an infinitely better game than all of these. It's highly polished, heaps of fun and for all it's faults at least Bungie were willing to try break the mould. If nothing else they should be praised for this alone.

So sick of COD and Battlefield games that are basically just slightly prettier versions of the last game with zero innovation or improvements.

UnwanteDreamz2686d ago

Have you guys seen the stuff they have planned for this month? If you are already having fun more is on the way.

TitanUp2686d ago

Well I don't want to go to just to find out the rest of the story to the Destiny universe.

ABizzel12686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Destiny isn't a 6 or lower, but I can see and agree with many of the complaints about it.

If you're coming to the game from a single player standpoint, it's a grindfest, and it can be boring at times. It never really has that wow moment, that most AAA games create. Using Star Wars as an example It's the equivalent of an ordinary Storm Trooper, at war. The majority of Star War fans don't care about Trooper number X21467787Z2987. And that's what Destiny unfortunately feels like at times when you're playing solo.

However, when you're playing with friends it's your group, of Storm Troopers, and you guys talk about the quest you've been on and conquered together. And the more I played like this the more I began to enjoy the game.

Overall Destiny is a good game. There's nothing inherently wrong with it. The gameplay is good, the controls are great, the the graphics are good (not amazing, but good), the audio is good, everything overall is good. It just never does anything amazing with that good base it has. Someone said there's more life in the concept art than the actual game and that's true.

If you play single player it can be unrewarding, slow, boring, a grind-fest, repetitive, and overall all not fun, but it's still a well put together game on every other front.

However, when you play with friends (it should have been 4 man squads) all those things that make single player bad, become less apparent, because you have one or two other people helping you find items, helping you grow together, helping speed up battles making it less of a grindfest, and simply makes the overall game better.

I wasn't going to review Destiny, but now I might since I've commented on it so much.

Aquariusgamer2686d ago


those games don't have 500 mil budgets. I think the biggest gripe reviewers secretly have is that they're not seeing 500 mil worth of content. Activision has seemingly released a purposefully incomplete game so that they can sell you the rest separately with dlc, and it's absolutely obvious to like, EVERYONE.

edwick2686d ago


if that's the case. then that's sort of a silly gripe.
first, they never said they spent 500 million on development. most of it is marketing. i'm sure it cost a little more to develop, but no more than most AAA games.
second, why would it matter to the reviewers how much it cost to make... in the end, it doesn't cost the gamer or reviewer anything extra.

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Timesplitter142687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

it's not just the story, it's that Destiny seems to be the result of someone walking up to a bunch of game devs and saying "make me the most generic thing you could possibly imagine".

I look at Destiny streams and I literally can't see what this game has to offer. The world, the gunplay, the design... nothing about it seems interesting.

URNightmare2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Yet some say it's "Halo for Playstation". Goes to show that Halo is overhyped af!!

Name this game Halo: Destiny, make it Xbox exclusive and watch the instant perfect 10's all over the web and not a single complain from those who are *itching about Destiny now.

radler2687d ago

The funny thing is that Destiny literally is Halo with different graphics and bigger levels. I'm not even joking here, it plays exactly the same, the controls and gunplay etc. are all identical. Go play Halo 3 or Halo Reach, and then play Destiny, you'll be shocked at the similarities.

I'd also say that the story is as jumbled and incomprehensible as Halo as well :p

HOLDERofFOOD2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

@URNightmare, clearly you have never played a Halo game. THIS IS NOTHING LIKE HALO. Halo games are actually fun and have way better stories (except Reach, and 4 was a little off in my opinion too despite that PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE thinks 4 had an awesome story too). If people are saying it's like Halo for playstation all that shows is how ignorant people are and those people have clearly never touched, or barely touched a Halo game.

@Radler, what? Seriously? I would agree maybe slightly that it's somewhat like Reach and frankly I think Reach is one of the worst halo games every made if not the worst. But Halo 3? Halo 3 had arena combat, no sprint, no aiming down the sights, the story was way more in depth, the physics are completely different and frankly all the vehicles in Halo are 10x more fun to drive than the floating weird things with strange unsatisfying choices in collision physics from Destiny. The only way I can see to compare destiny to Halo is to say that Destiny is Halo with all of the fun physics, vehicles and characters removed as well as lacking the awesome story and atmosphere of Halo. Comparing the two is an insult to Halo and the only reason people are doing it is that they were made by the "same developer" or at least a developer with the same name despite the MASSIVE changes in employees working there.

Kribwalker2687d ago

Destiny is by far the worst bungie game I have ever played. It's good, but it isn't nearly as good as halo. There are some similarities to how it plays, but to say they are the same is pretty dumb, because they are completely different

Scatpants2687d ago

I'm enjoying the game, but the story is laughably poor. It also seems to lack big setpiece moments in the single player. All the story mode seems to be is Peter Dinklage telling you stuff. There are barely any cutscenes even. I don't understan why Bungie thought this was ok. The actual gameplay though is still quite fun to me. also I like driving the sparrow more than any vehicle that was in Halo. It handles the way I feel the ghost should have handled. Everytime you tried to jump the ghost off of something it would just nosedive and crash.

lifeisgamesok2687d ago

How are they saying this is like Halo is beyond me

-Bullet sponge enemies
-Forgettable characters
-No diverse mission structure
Doesn't have an engaging/interesting story

ITPython2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

@Timesplitter14 - Watching streams and judging the game based on that? How about you ACTUALLY PLAY IT. MMO/RPG type games go beyond what you can see in the gameplay. A lot of the fun is getting the loot and farming XP/bounties, leveling up, getting that new gear, comparing specs, working towards a goal, upgrading weapons/armor by using them, etc etc... this is something a person watching via a stream would not have a sense of since they aren't playing.

Heck last night I literally spent an hour and a half in one little section of the game farming kills and trying to get certain rewards (by killing enemies a certain way). I would go back and fourth re-killing freshly spawned enemies over and over and over and over. To an external viewer, it would be boring beyond belief... yet somehow I blew through that hour and a half in what seemed like a blink of an eye.

Condemnedman2686d ago

I like how the fanboys are trying to compare this to halo lol just because it didn't get the killer scores you hope it would get. If you pole it so much just play it and stop trying to convince every one it's great. I'll save my money and get the halo remakes last me a whole lot longer than this generic plop.

ABizzel12686d ago

@Halo sayers and nonsayers

Actually Destiny is pretty much like an MMORPG Halo Reach, in a lot of ways.

based of @HolderofFood and @lifeisgamesok these are the main differences.

Halo has Fun physics
Halo has better Vehicles
Halo has Atmosphere
Halo has better Characters / Forgettable characters in Destiny
Halo has an Awesome story / Destiny doesn't
Destiny has Bullet sponge enemies
Destiny has no diverse mission structure

Fun physics: "Fun Physics" doesn't make a FPS good or bad to me, and there' s nothing really wrong with Destiny's Physics outside of playing on different planets and not having different gravity, but that's suspension of disbelief.

Vehicles: I agree Halo has better vehicles, no question about it, however, it's easier driving......moving around in Destiny than Halo.

Atmosphere: I disagree with this. I think Destiny's "Atmosphere" is very similar to Halo. The problem is Halo has 4 main games under it's belt, and a few spin offs, so overall you've been to more places in Halo, than Destiny. But the feel and openness of Destiny is similar to Halo.

Characters: I completely agree Destiny has forgettable characters, but that again is due to the lack of real story in Destiny or cutscenes to get to know these characters.

Story: Halo has a solid story, but it's not top tier writing in video games IMO. Destiny; however, has little to no real story.

Bullet Sponge: Understandable it's an RPG like Borderlands, so bosses tank bullets. And it's meant to be played co-op.

Lack of Diverse Mission Structure: I agree that Destiny has no real point to what it's doing and having to go back to areas over and over again (especially after you just left them) is annoying, and bad mission design.

So basically Destiny is Halo Reach with worse vehicles, dull characters, a dull story, and almost requires gamers to play co-op.

Here are the average reviews for my main 4 (IGN, Eurogamer, Edge, and Game Informer)

Halo 3: 9.8
Halo 2: 9.6
Halo CE: 9.3
Halo Reach: 9.3
Halo 4: 8.8
Halo ODST: 8.8
Halo Anniversary: 8.4
Destiny: ? (none of them have reviewed the game yet)

I think it's a situation of both. Destiny was overhyped to the high heavens, and now people are giving it undeserved scores because it doesn't live up to the hype (which is why I'm glad I didn't care for the beta and came in with no expectations). The game isn't anything below a 7, because it's good in what matters the most "GAMEPLAY".

However, at the same time Destiny draws HEAVY inspiration for Halo especially Halo Reach (which makes sense considering it was the last Halo game Bungie made). It just doesn't have those wow moments, a supporting cast, or story to back it up. But are those 3 things really the difference between a 7/10 game (Destiny) and what many consider to be a 10/10 game (Halo). If so it's almost sad, but it also goes to show for me that Halo is indeed a good bit overhyped as well, however, it is more deserving of it's hype because overall Halo is still a good game.

And I think I just found my title for my review.

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spacedelete2687d ago

or the game really does suck. "oh i think your not playing it right so your opinion doesn't count". stfu the game is trash get over it.

BiggerBoss2687d ago

"I don't like the game so that means it's trash. You guys can't like it either because my opinion is better"

ScottyHoss2687d ago

I'm loving it man, best game I've ever played. That's just my opinion, I just believe it has this lore and new feeling to me, maybe because I only ever had ODST and thought it wasn't very good, but I can't put this one down. The gunplay is great, the gear possibilities are awesome, specialization and sub classes add even more distinction and there actually is a considerable amount of content even though the story is average length. Mix that with bungies active involvement and support and you have a great game.

Not criticizing your argument, just found your comment pretty obnoxious and unsubstantiated. Could you explain why you dislike it?

amyortega1312687d ago

It just seems convenient that bungie didn't want the game reviewed so quickly.
I think it would definitely affected sales figures for sure.

Omeganex99992687d ago

If this game is trash why can't I stop playing?

I think a lot of people just had crazy high expectations. Destiny delivers what Bungie promised, I don't get what your problem is.

nub_cakes1012687d ago

Lol Destiny doesn't even come close to what Bungie promised. Are you kidding me? How is this game going to last 10 years if you can finish the campaign (if that's what you want to call it) in one sitting. Go do some digging and you'll see that they promised a lot ("everywhere you see you can travel to!") and didn't deliver. The truth is Destiny is an incomplete game that will be milked with DLC. They sold the game as open world when it's linear af.

Infamazdre2686d ago

I don't understand the logic of gamers anymore, the game is good and I have it on the xb1, gamers like you are killing the industry. My question to you if this is trash what's your top 3 games of this generation and the last? For this gen destiny is probably the best game out so far, so whatever you say is going to be bs. It's the same hate Microsoft is getting for the xb1, stfu and enjoy your games or stfu and quit gaming

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Sayai jin2687d ago

The game has a void in the story and it did not draw short I still do not understand what it's about completely. I think most of the reviews are fair. Honestly, I have never let a good or bad review affect whether or not I brought a game.

ScottyHoss2687d ago

Grimoire cards my friend, you learn a considerable amount even though the apps glitchy and it takes a while

wsoutlaw872687d ago

but what gave the impression destiny was a story based game? When did they ever talk about how great the story was going to be. Video games arent just story over everything, there are a lot of different games. I honestly couldnt care less what the story is in these open world shooters. I didnt care in borderlands or dark souls either. I dont get why some people want to hate this game so bad. I dont hate on the games i dont like or didnt buy. Reviews of games with terrible stories still dont get 6s. Games like titanfall dont even have a story mode. I just think the reviews are unusually low, especially when everyone playing is really enjoying it.

Infamazdre2686d ago

Stories are always a plus in shooters, only time it's a must is in adventure games to make up for lack of action. Also works pretty good for a fighting game, besides that I'll save a story for a good movie or TV show. Most people don't give a damn in shooters. Especially in always online shooters like destiny and titanfall. Borderlands was great but I don't remember the story. Skyrim was amazing but I don't remember the story. The list can go on forever and I can careless about a story if game play is fun

joab7772687d ago

I really don't get it. The more I play, the more I think it may be everything I want in a game. The loot is great, the combat and difficulty is amazing. Enemies are awesome and it has the perfect carrot to keep me going. And I'm only level 16, but already had epic fights.

I love story. TLOU was and tory main but I don't need story in a game like this b/c mmo stories end after the 1st couple days an til expansions release. Maybe Bungie adds cut scenes until he expansions but it's really irrelevant to me.

I can't believe how happy I am and can't wait to keep going. And then there's PvP. I am perplexed by how the lack of am few cut scenes ruins it for everyone.

ShowGun9012687d ago

especially how this year a game came out completely missing a single player at all (titanfall, duh lol), and it got decent scores... so you'd rather destiny shipped with just the crucible? reveiwers are garbage, not destiny! im having a blast with it!

midnight_232687d ago

Yes, I am enjoying the game in the same ways you are! Now what I want to know is what is the difference between gamers that can't have any fun with this game and the ones that just absolutely love it. I would definitely say the game is for certain people only.

Jughead34162687d ago

To be honest, I've learned more about the story from following the game for past year and a half than in the game itself. But if you thoroughly explore, there's lots to learn. This is one game where reviews are worthless to me. I'm having an awesome time playing Destiny. It'll probably go down as one of my all-time favorites, and I can't wait to see how they build upon this awesome lore. So much potential. I think poor reviews are coming from those who still don't know what Destiny is. It's not an MMO, not an RPG. It's a FPS that borrows elements from many different genres. The good reviews seem to come from those who understands this.

ravensly2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

@xblskull actually the scale of rating depends on person who reviews. for example angryjoe gives a game 7 but its actually worth playing and if he gives a game 6 its a decent and enjoyable game.

Frodosmugins2687d ago

I don't know why the story matters in a mmorpg! I am a warcraft addict and I know like 1% of the lore!

for me there are no games going nuts over until next spring!

So Destiny for me is the last good game with lastibilty until spring!!!!

gameDevWannaBe2686d ago

guess the greatest xbox devs ever are over rated! lol

CuddlyREDRUM2686d ago

It is a basic story that says at the end that the series is a franchise.

I didn't even know it was an ending until I looked it up. I did not understand why everything stopped. I thought it was just another cutscene.

Zero-One2686d ago

Then come this fall, where we'll see the exact same people giving the next cod game 10's and 9's despite it managing to accomplish far less than this game could.

DC7772686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

They don't get it...they don't. It's deep lore old school sci fi stuff. The type of old, weird 70's and 80's sci fi flicks. Some people just don't get it and are also rating the game on a dream THEY had that it was going to be an mmo or a this or a that when Bungie never said any of the above. It is a lonely sci fi shooter in a Metroid-esque atmosphere with solid Halo mechanics in a beautiful environment with a good soundtrack to boot.

Some of these low reviews are not only terrible, but shameful. Some obviously not even having made it beyond the moon and newer mobs. Based not on the game but on what they dreamed the game to be.

If you don't like the game because you don't like hard core, weird science fiction stories then say so. But to review a game based on doing a speed run and looking for the dream you had of 1,000 idiots spamming a chat and jumping around together on the moon (as if there would be that many people just running around in the middle of nowhere) or whining about something you see in the distance that wasn't put into the gameplay is just a terrible game review.

A good review is based on facts not speculation, dreams and what ifs that you thought this was Bungie Borderlands 2 or whatever.

and for the people saying Bungie "PROMISED" this or that...PLEASE share the text where they did.

Blaze9292686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Been trying to tell people this since the Alpha launched. The game is simply mediocre and Activision/Bungie just totally fooled you all for $1 billion dollars.

Hype PURELY due to the Bungie name and the Sony push. People saying this was gonna be better than Halo - HA!

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EvilWay2687d ago

Because the game is repetitive, has no story, awful voice acting, and not enough content to keep the game alive for more than 2 weeks

s8anicslayer2687d ago

Also at times unrelenting enemy waves attacking and having you run in circles trying to recover damage and get back I'm battle.

badz1492687d ago


are you talking about Destiny or Titanfall?

Omeganex99992687d ago

I think he's talking about any modern FPS, but hey, only Destiny sucks, right?

StrawberryDiesel4202687d ago

STFU TitanFall is addictive as hell. I just bought it Thursday and I'm already level 26. The game is very fun and your opinion is obviously uninformed. What level did you get up to? What's your gamertag?

wsoutlaw872687d ago

im sure you know exactly how much content destiny has.

wsoutlaw872686d ago

ya that makes sense? #, really?

Hellsvacancy2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

"Why Destiny Review Scores Are Low" strange idea, but maybeeeee people didn't like it? food for thought

Playing the beta made me change my mind about buying the Destiny bundle, gonna have to go with the Bloodborne bundle now, yeah there will be a Bloodborne bundle, can almost guarantee that

Sayai jin2687d ago

The Beta was a good marker for the game...I was expecting so much more from the retail version, but at last...

alvinmiller922687d ago

I am still enjoying it. I have been playing Salvage all day with friends. Don't really care for reviews or reviewers at this point.

ape0072687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

because it was expected to be the next great franchise, the next halo combat evolved and it wasn't

still a very solid game

ginsunuva2686d ago

I so saw this coming. I was wondering why people were hyping such a generic looking shooter to death, like they did back with RAGE, just because of the developer's name and reputation from a decade ago.

Infamazdre2686d ago

Looked at as a sony product, everything Sony does is way over hyped

NovusTerminus2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Reviews mean nothing to me, I know what I need. I'm loving the game, people need to stop hating on the higher review scores, and those who enjoy the game need to stop complaining at the low scores.

Welcome to opinions, thy vary. Look back at the reviews for the first Monster hunter game, I adored that game... None of the reviewers seemed to.

Gamespot went so far as to say "It reminded them of PSO" as a negative... PSO is one of my favorite games ever made!

Play what you enjoy, stop hating people who do enjoy it just because you don't. And don't get mad because someone didn't like it as much as you did.

Consoldtobots2686d ago

this little girl mentality of needing others to approve of your choices is the life'sblood of these nerd sites.

Whatever4Ever2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Exactly same here, all the reviewers are just butt hurt thats all and are trying to kill a good game. I forgot all about EGM till they came out with a low score, these people are laughable at best and are not needed in the gaming community anymore.
Edit: GameSpot is garbage also.