Sniper elite 3 DLC starring Winston Churchill now available on consoles

505 Games and Rebellion have revealed that new Sniper Elite III DLC for console, Save Churchill: Part 1 - In Shadows, is now live.

getrektedmate3498d ago

Can't wait for Sniper Elite Nazis Zombie Army Trilogy for ps4 and xbox one!


The Best Shooters on the Nintendo Switch to Blast Hours Through

Here is a list of the best Nintendo Switch shooters while you wait for your girlfriend to come out from the hair salon.

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jznrpg432d ago

Bad list ! But shooters aren’t the reason anyone buys a Switch

FreeckyCake432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Why is it bad? Plus, I never mentioned in the article that shooters are the reason people buy a Switch.


Latest Humble Bundle supports healthcare workers and COVID-19 patients

The latest Humble Bundle will have 100 percent of proceeds going to support organizations responding to COVID-19. All told, there are 45 games included in the bundle as well as a number of comics, ebooks, and audiobooks.

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Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition Switch Review - Hit me with your best shot | Thumb Culture

"Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition is an excellent port of the original game, and feels right at home on the Switch. Unfortunately repetitive gameplay prevents it from achieving greatness. Nevertheless I would like to pin the Thumb Culture Silver Award over its heart." Phil @ TC

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