Why Is Gamestop Charging (Slightly) More For Some Nintendo-Published 3DS Games?

That’s why it’s so weird that an experienced retailer like Gamestop would blatantly ignore Nintendo’s own MSRP when pricing some of their games. This leads to most $29.99 priced 3DS games getting a slight bump in price to $31.99.

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EcoSos31495d ago

Thats because Nintendo games keep selling for years, so they can charge high prices knowing people will still buy them.

SunnyTheFunnyBunny1495d ago

Sadly It's called taking advantage of helpless Gamers.

BrandanT1495d ago

I do agree that Nintendo games are solid and have a long life span but, ignoring Nintendo's own MSRP is just wrong. That's practically taking advantage of peoples' money. Is there a term for fixing prices to get more money?

iliimaster1495d ago

because they are gamestop

mydyingparadiselost1495d ago

It's because they don't want any of us shopping there.

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