GameSpy: Infinite Undiscovery Producer Interview

GameSpy writes: "Square Enix is easily the most prolific role-playing game publisher in the business, and recently it teamed up with Microsoft to bring a handful of original RPGs to the Xbox 360. Developed by tri-Ace, Infinite Undiscovery is an Xbox 360-exclusive set to be released worldwide this September. We had the opportunity to sit down with Square Enix producer Hajime Kojima to discover more about what's in store.

GameSpy: Can you tell us about the origin of the name "Infinite Undiscovery" and what it means?

Hajime Kojima, Producer: We realize that "undiscovery" is a made-up word. (laughs) It's not that you can't discover anything, but there are many things that remain undiscovered in the game.

GameSpy: One of the main premises behind the game is that the main character is supposed to be the spitting image of a famous hero in the game world. Are you eventually going to have a party with two identical characters fighting side-by-side?

Hajime Kojima: Yes, there will be two characters that look alike together in the game. While we can't reveal too much at the moment, it won't be two identical people."

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nice_cuppa3868d ago

im on the last lost odyssey disc so i need another jrpg !

kwicksandz3867d ago

I have just got back to numara on disk 4 . 55 hours in and im still like the game. working on the sidequests and treasure hunts before i complete the main story

kewlkat0073867d ago

I put in 135

Disk 4 is awesome, all my characters were level 90+.
But I loved that game.

This game will be next, then Last Remnants, and Fallout 3, Fable.

Star Ocean will be next yar I think, so I'm pretty busy this Fall/winter.

meepmoopmeep3868d ago

i really want this game. i hope it ends up super.