GameSpy: IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Preview

GameSpy writes: "Head-mounted IR-tracking sensors. USB rudder pedals and yokes. Separate throttles with more buttons than a Power Glove. When it comes to PC flight sims, there are multitudes of obstacles preventing everyday gamers from donning the aviator specs and modulating their voices to a first officer's crisp, even beyond their seemingly impenetrable mechanics and expensive controller requirements. But this will deter only those who do not truly yearn to fly with their computers.

Talk to someone who's seriously into IL-2 Sturmovik for a few minutes and you'll likely come away having reassessed what it means to be completely and earnestly into a game. Where other flight simulators make concessions for casual gamers (by including sexy, well-known aircraft, for instance, or incorporating fast-and-loose "free flight" modes), Sturmovik remains unapologetically true to its fastidious audience."

-Already looks stunning
-Depth of simulation and fidelity of flight model appear to have made the transition intact

-Can the game really be played effectively on a default console controller?

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perseus3776d ago

I WILL be buying this game. I'll buy two.

ASSASSYN 36o3775d ago

I don't know about buying two but I play it on the computer I will be getting it.