Xbox One Tokyo Game Show Livestreams Announced: Exclusives Quantum Break, Psycho-Pass, D4, and More

Tokyo Game Show is coming next week, and there will be a lot of livestreams from the stage events. Sony announced its own schedule yesterday, and today Microsoft's responded with its own.

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lelo2play1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Hope for new gameplay from Quantum Break.

I'm surprised they have a livestream for MGS 5.

Abriael1495d ago

Why surprised? They did it last year too. Both at Sony and Microsoft.This time around Konami has its own booth, so they're getting the full course. Konami, Sony and Microsoft :D

christocolus1495d ago

Are you still planning to be at tgs this year?

christocolus1495d ago

Abriael you are having too much fun.I want to go too. :(

Abriael1495d ago

Ahah, the fun lasts mostly until feet start to hurt. Covering a trade show by oneself is near-lethal :D

At Gamescom I literally shredded a pair of shoes. Hope the new ones hold at TGS :D

daBUSHwhaka1494d ago

Must be a blast to attend these events.Must feel like a needle in a hay stack there's so much to do and see.I'm jealous.Have fun.

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christocolus1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )


Same here.I've been waiting to see more gameplay of Quantum break and D4. I hope they stream the full 20 minutes gameplay demo which was shown at gamescom.

1494d ago
ScorpiusX1495d ago

Cool can't wait to see the games, they show.

xtremexx1495d ago

Psycho-Pass? as in the anime? holeh shit!

gamerfan09091495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Why show Quantum Break to these undeserving people? They don't care about your console. Show it to the United States and UK audience that will care about this game and show support for it. If it aint a mobile game or a crappy JRPG Japanese fans are not gonna care.

christocolus1495d ago

“Why show Quantum Break to these undeserving people?”

Lol...its funny cos my brothers friend said the exact same thing. You guys are hilarious. Lmao. However I'm glad they showing D4 and QB. Can't wait to see those games.

Japanese have been the most succesful video game makers. Infact they've always puhed console gaming..I grew up on nes, snes,genesis, megadrive so its shocking to see them moving to mobile all of a sudden.

Yetter1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Japan did have the most sucessful console market like 20 years ago. Now they all play games on their phones

poppinslops1495d ago

If Remedy's prior work is any indication, Quantum Break is gonna have a crazy plot.

This might be a stretch, but anime such as 'Akira' and 'Darker than Black' bear SOME similarities to what we've seen of Quantum Break, so you never know... Can't hurt to show it, right?

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