November Schedule Is Quite Crazy, Please Move Something To December

With yesterday's announcement of GTAV next gen, November schedule is even more busy than October before all the delays.

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ccgr1498d ago

Should be an exciting Christmas :)

Yi-Long1498d ago

From this list I'm only interested in GTA5, which I haven't played yet.

Games like Assassin's Creed I never pick up on day 1, because of all the DLC-milking. Far Cry 4 seems promising though, cause I loved FC3.

Alexious1498d ago

Yeah, Far Cry 4 is very promising. I fear it might be overlooked a bit amidst all the games releasing on November 18.

Lwhit61498d ago

Between Far Cry 4, assassins creed and GTA the general public is going to choose either GTA or assassins creed over far cry. Kind of a shame that its going to take a back seat because that game looks killer.

bacrec11498d ago

Also, there is always a Black friday sale on Assassin's Creed. Every Single Year.

SnotyTheRocket1496d ago

Of all the games that "DLC Milk", Assassin's Creed isn't exactly known for that.

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Petrus911498d ago

Really curious how all of these sh have chosen November for their releases. As owner of both consoles and PC I will have to move something from my schedule since I don't have all that money to spend right now and, more important, all that spare time to play during November. GTA V is absolutely a must have for PS4 or X1, surely I will have to get Halo as well. Though choices ahead.

Alexious1498d ago

I think I'll wait for GTAV on PC, it will surely have longer legs thanks to modding.

wannabe gamer1498d ago

they want people to have plenty of time to shop for xmas. releasing in december would cut out a lot of the casuals that might not have the extra money for it by then or are just too busy with the holidays

kaiserfranz1498d ago

If I was any other publisher, I really wouldn't want to come out on the same day as GTA V, even if many gamers have already played it.

blackout1498d ago

If it was a new release then yea but just about everyone has already played GTA V.

AHV1498d ago

It will still sell very well, some people will pick it up again for the improved performance, and other haven't played the game yet.

Lwhit61498d ago

I haven't unfortunately. Or should I say fortunately?

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The story is too old to be commented.