Save $20 on the PlayStation 4 Camera

The PlayStation 4 Camera generally costs $59.99 at retailers, but you can save some cash on the accessory right now.

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getrektedmate1549d ago

Kinect 2 is better in every single way except the price ;)

xHeavYx1549d ago

Don't feed the troll, just enjoy the salty tears

JP13691549d ago

And 3,2,1...

I'm not counting down to anything in particular, that's just what I expect to see happen to your bubble count if you keep shit posting like this.

1549d ago
Scatpants1549d ago

Will kinekt 2 work with Morpheus when it comes out?

Jrmy841549d ago

Um! I don't know if that was a joke or a real question but, Morpheus Is owned By SCEI('! ')

Scatpants1549d ago

Right, the original poster was saying Kinect 2 is better than the Playstation camera in every way.

The only thing that matters to me with these cameras is if they will work with VR at some point.

Since Kinect 2 has nothing that is compelling to me that it offers I would argue that currently the playstation camera and Kinect 2 are the same, they both offer nothing.

Fatal-Aim1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@ ih8pa1n

you don't need kinect for VR or the Move/DualShock 4 to have 1:1 tracking - something kinect lacks. so then, what GOOD reason is there that consumers should pay $180 for one? tack VR onto it and it'll become extremely expensive.

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