#OperationPlatinum: The Heart Of Nintendo’s Fanbase Continues To Amaze Me

Brilliantly Epic's newest writer, Joshua Steele, discusses Nintendo's incredible fanbase in his first article.

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ritsuka6661523d ago

Im buying even though I know very little other than people are crying about it being a Wii U exclusive. Their loss, my gain..

R00bot1523d ago

I'll be buying this, all you need to know is that the devs behind it have made amazing games in the past.

Einhert1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

I have no idea why people complain about this game being WiiU exclusive when Nintendo effectively rescued this title from the grave and funded its development and they are supporting the developers.

Its not like they pulled an MS and just bought a franchise out without giving anything to it.

ShaunCameron1522d ago

Sega wanted nothing to do the Bayonetta sequel but that fact is lost on the Sony/Microsoft fanbase. Can't let that get in the way of the narrative that Nintendo will casualize the game, despite the fact that the OG Bayonetta had a "Very Easy" mode which you barely lose any health no matter how much damage you take. PlatinumGames included it in hopes of winning the casual crowd.

Spotie1522d ago

Nobody even complains anymore. Back when it was thought that Nintendo just bought it, a lot of people were upset: how would a multiplat game that wasn't even on a Nintendo platform last time suddenly be exclusive? That all calmed down when we heard that Nintendo funded the game.

I still see people complaining about the complainers, but I don't see the complainers.

NovusTerminus1522d ago

I have only one issue with it being exclusive... I won't be able to get it at launch.

Really want this game! It's one of the reason's I'm getting a Wii U, which is what exclusives are supposed to do, sell you on the system.

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Kevlar0091522d ago

This article is at 60 degrees but doesn't show on the "Today" row despite the row having several 40 degrees