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Epic streak: Rod Fergusson on bringing Gears of War to Xbox One

Rod Fergusson knows Gears of War. After ten years
at Epic Games he was as recognisable a front-man as
Cliff Bleszinski or Marcus Fenix, and it was peculiar
to witness the departure of all three from the
previous title, Gears of War: Judgment. Fergusson
moved to Irrational Games, helping to finish BioShock
Infinite, and was rebuilding 2K's Marin studio in
California when Microsoft bought the rights to Gears
and tempted him back to the company, the franchise,
and his homeland of Canada to head its new studio
Black Tusk.

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Community1593d ago
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aviator1891593d ago

Here's to hoping they scrap gears of war judgement mechanics in favor of the older games.

OpieWinston1593d ago

Considering Rod has continuously said they are going back to Gears roots.

I have a feeling it'll be more like Gears 3. Which is my favorite Gears game...So hoping they push it hard.

Having over 150 employees in this short time period is impressive(They went through a major hiring spree when Rod got to BTS).

radler1593d ago

Gears of War 3 is my favorite game in the franchise as well but there's something you need to remember about Rod Fergusson, he's the guy responsible for the stupid sawn-off shotgun and retro lancer being introduced to the game.

It's easy for him to talk about taking the franchise back to its roots, but some of us remember him being the guy who pushed it away from its roots in the first place.

OpieWinston1593d ago

Did you even read the article? It's called 'managing betrayal'...
Retro Lancer just needs a bit of finetuning.
And after they rolled out the nerfs on Sawed off the problem was eliminated.

You've got to add new things otherwise people cry it's the same game. It's an unwinnable battle.

It's also easy to completely ignore all the good a guy like him has done for Gears.
It's easy to pretend like a few things that are FIXED are the problem.

Seriously I'm sick of people rushing to those guns as an excuse for Gears 3 having problems...
Were they IMBA at launch? Yeah.

You have to give the product to the public and then fix the issues. Unless you do a LEGIT Beta. Which is becoming MS studios philosophy.

Least for Fable Legends(Beta 6 months before launch) and Halo 5 Guardians(Beta 11 months before launch)

voodoochild3461593d ago

Gears 3 with no stopping power, better balanced rifle power and no aim assist like the first 2 games.

bloop1593d ago

I don't know why everyone complains about the retro and sawn off. The game is balanced because everyone has the same load out options and there's nothing stopping anyone using these weapons to their own advantage. If you're any good at the game you can spot someone coming with a retro or sawn off from a mile away and you can adapt. If they have sawn off, you keep your distance. If they have retro, you stick to cover. There's nothing wrong with variety. Besides, gnasher users always come out on top!!! Gnashers FTW!!!

voodoochild3461593d ago


People have a problem with the retro lancer because it's basically a fully automatic shotgun. With the amount of aim assist in gears 3, all the pressure is on the gnasher user to hit his shots because all a person needs to do is hipfire spray with the retro. That's not even taken into account the active reload bonus.

You matter-of-factly dismissing the retro by saying "just stick to cover" shows your lack of understanding for the competitive aspects of gears.

Gears is about map control and controlling power weapons. When trying to control the power weapons you don't get to wait and see whether a person has a retro because that instantly puts you at a disadvantage. There is a reason any tournament worth anything limits the loadouts to lancer/gnasher only. The retro and hammerburst completely throw off the balance of gears 3.

The retro is a fully automatic shotgun that you can use from mid to long distance if you feather it thereby encroaching on the gnasher. The gnasher only does short range the retro does both that's the issue.

donthate1592d ago

I played Gears of War 3 the most, but enjoyed Gears of War Judgment too.

I really never understood the hatred for Judgment. The game brought the mechanics more inline with a faster and fluid experience that I think was much needed.

Not all of it was great, but certainly it was a solid game. Maybe it was just end of generation fatigue?

Know this, there are no other Gears of War and Mass Effect fan!

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Sayai jin1593d ago

After the negative feedback they got from Gears Heads, I am sure they will go back to the grit and mechanics of Gears 1-3. I can not wait for the next Gears!

getrektedmate1593d ago

Gears of war collection for xbox one please!

GodGinrai1593d ago

Yes! I think they should do it just to get a feel of the franchise.

IVanSpinal1593d ago

Gears Of War Marcus Fenix collection

tgunzz1593d ago

@ih8pa1n, and add in co-op to gears 1!!!!!!!

Double Toasted1593d ago

Ugh, co-op has been there from the beginning.

tgunzz1593d ago

At double toasted, relax, I meant to put 4p co-op.

Foehammer1593d ago

A great franchise, definitely looking forward to see where Black Tusk takes us all.

Best of luck.

XbladeTeddy1593d ago

Love the Gears franchise. It's the general over-the-top style of it all that gets me hooked along with the hilariously overblown set pieces. Looking forward to the new stuff.

Jrmy841593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Hats off to them if they can accomplish bringing some type of story off the ending of Gears 3. I don't see how its possible all the locusts,lambent were wiped out. Can't wait to see what type of story comes forth.

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