Warner Bros Games Not Listed for Xbox at TGS;Are they All Going to Become Sony Exclusives in Japan?

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently announced that Batman: Arkham Knight will be a PS4 exclusive in Japan, but something strange can be seen in the list of games that will appear at the booth at Tokyo Game Show.

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KendrickLamar1496d ago

Damn, this is a huge win for Sony if this is true. If this keeps up, Xbox Japan players won't get to play Mad Max.

What was Microsoft thinking? Just sell Xbox where Xbox sells best.

Codewow1496d ago

It would have been a mistake to completely skip japan. If you don't sell any you don't make any. If you sell some, at least you make some.

As for this warner bros thing. It'll be interesting. It's just kind of sad that both of them are going after these third party exclusives rather than putting forth all their money into pure exclusives.

sinncross1496d ago

this comment doesnt even make sense. WB have to consider the costs involved in distribution for the console in relation to how mayn units they think they can sell.

if they dont think they cna sell enough to cover the expenses, then it is not worth it for them .

RealGamer101496d ago

How do u know Sony pay WB for the games to be exclusive in Japan?

Codewow1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

@sinn, how much do you really think it costs to ship and package a digital game?

These companies make more than enough money. It just goes to show that greed is an everlasting curse on the world.

@realgamer10 a company doesn't choose to limit itself to a smaller adoption base without being persuaded by money. And no I'm not saying PS4 has sold less. I'm saying that leaving out however many units are sold Xbox one units is a dumb move because that means there's 0% chance of making money off of those sales.

@Kendrick, unsold xbox units can be sold in other places or will be sold eventually.

KendrickLamar1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

First of all, +1 sinncross for explaining to him why it's smart move to make it exclusive.

Second of all,
"If you don't sell any you don't make any. If you sell some, at least you make some. "

Yeah, you'd sell SOME but how is that going to make up for the production costs of the un-sold Xbox's?

It almost costs nothing to publish it digitally, but it's about the physical copies that matter. Plus the costs to code for the Xbox One japan version would be pointless and non-profitable.

n4rc1496d ago

You do realize wb has nothing to do with manufacturing of xboxs right?

And you do realize both the game and the console are the same as anywhere else?

Its about money.. But after all the uproar of locking down 3rd party games, its comical to see the spin some try to put on it now.. Gg dudes lol

MasterCornholio1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

"Game localization or game globalization refers to the preparation of video games for other locales. This adaptation to the standards of other countries covers far more than simply translation of language. There are different areas, such as linguistic, cultural, hardware and software, legal differences, graphics identity and music. Globalization refers to general Eastern/Western variations, while localization refers to several regional sub-divisions within the globalization."

Game localization does cost money so maybe the poor sales of Xbox One games are not enough to cover these costs. This is the main reason why many firms dont release Xbox versions of games in Japan.

"If you sell some, at least you make some."

If its below the breakeven point you dont. Try studying a little bit of business and you will know what I mean.


You can read about the breakeven point here.

n4rc1496d ago

Or you slap subtitles on it and call it a day.. Like many do

Full localization isn't required and many games don't go through everything you've listed..

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Mega241496d ago

So Microsoft bought time exclusivity for Tomb Raider, and its a loss. Sony buys Exclusivity for some titles and its a win.

This logic is wrong, they need to put a stop to third party exclusives.

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MeliMel1495d ago

@Big-finger, well said. Theyre not gonna make games for like ten people in Japan. Probably cost more just to get it

MightyNoX1495d ago

Doubtful that Sony had to pay anything. This is just Publishers being smart at how sh***y their games sell on Xbox in Japan.

MrSwankSinatra1495d ago

Dude MS has been doing exclusive regional crap since the very first xbox. Shenmue II & Tales of Vesperia are prime examples.

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tehpees31496d ago

They didn't even release Injustice with it and delayed a Lego game.

Lets not bend the truth here media. WB hardly had faith in XBO to begin with.

HappyWithOneBubble1496d ago

670k PS4 vs 23k XB1. No profit for XB1 in Japan.

hello121496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

It 26 k for 1 week actually, the 23k was for three days. And PS4 has been selling in Japan since Feb. Nobody expected the x box 1 to beat the PS4 on Japanese soil though.

Microsoft will have to sell consoles for it to be worthwhile. Last gen they only sold 1 million plus consoles in Japan, not a huge market, for them.

Coming weeks will likely decide if Microsoft will bother with Japan. China is emerging market so its better to ship consoles there and see the reaction.

MasterCornholio1496d ago

Here's the truth, the PS4 sold way more at launch than the Xbox One. After launch sales tend to go downhill.

The truth is the Japanese are not interested in Microsofts console it has nothing to do with them launching late there.

sovkhan1496d ago

Looking at how bad the xbone is doing in Japan, and knowing that it will only get worse, this look like the smartest decision to cut distribution cost...

We will see if it'll happen soon enough.

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