Impressive Looking New Everybody's Gone to the Rapture PS4 Screen Released, "We Love CryEngine": Dev

After a long time, The Chinese Room, developer behind upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive title, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture has released a brand new impressive looking in-game screenshots. Like all previous screenshots, this brand new one also showcase game's environment with stunning lighting and texture effect.

In addition to this, The Chinese Room also talked about a hilarious bug the development team encountered recently and many more things.

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vivid831495d ago

does anyone know what this game is about yet ?

Kurisu1495d ago

Everybody going to rapture =p

But seriously, I was just about to ask the same thing. I keep hearing about this game but I have no idea what it's about.

Also that's a nice screenshot. Doesn't show much but the graphics are very impressive.

DeadRabbits1495d ago

They should make MMO xbone game called "Everyones Gone to PS4"

Enemy1495d ago

Exploring a dead world. Looks like everyone got raptured except you.

Eonjay1495d ago

If I had to guess, I would say that it looks like a game where either the world, the people or both are illusions. The people who inhabit the simulation seem to be caught in some loop. The loop apparently ends in the end of the world or something but then starts over.
In the first trailer, we see a desolate world where things are dying suddenly and a warning is playing to stay in the house. It appears to be a manifestation of the failure of a loop closure.

The second trailer shows a world where people seem to be suddenly disparaging. Souls seem to be drawn to a certain point where a mysterious voices is rambling a series of numbers. The end of the trailer shows the title, and in underneath it is a silhouette of two people holding hands against and image of the lemniscate or symbol for infinity.

I believe that the real world is already dead and that people left behind are living in a repeating simulation or memory that somehow crashes. Or perhaps everyone's dead and their souls are preserved inside of this simulation.

Thats the limit of my ability to interpret what has been shown. What do you get from the trailers?

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Agent_hitman1495d ago

Cool!, this game will be powered by Cryengine 3.

Mega241495d ago

Crytek needs to lower the Cryengine's price, they are bleeding money.

neomahi1495d ago

As long as it's not Unreal Engine. That things beyond broken. I HATE THAT ENGINE! Buggy as crap and the visuals on games I'd played with it always sucked horribly. I'm glad that Ninja Theory gave it up. They should have used their engine for Heavenly Sword for Enslaved and DMC.