TeamXbox: NBA Live 09 Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "As I'm writing this, the Lakers and Celtics are headed back to Boston for game six, and longtime Boston fan Will Tuttle is pacing around the office mumbling something about "stupid flopping Gasol". I'm as nervous as he is, not because I'm any big fan of the Celtics, but because I hate the Lakers worse and I put a lot of money down to prove that. Paul Pierce, don't let me down.

With all the basketball we have on the brain around here these days, it makes sense to talk about EA Sports' upcoming installment of their long running series, NBA Live 09. We recently saw it at EA Sports' Season Opener event at the beautiful campus at EA Canada, and again just yesterday for a little hands-on time. While it's clear that EA Sports is making some headway at making the gameplay much more realistic as well as more fun to play, they're still got a ways to go to prove the game worthy. The last couple of iterations have been, how do you say, lacking.

But NBA Live 09 is looking to turn that all around, mainly through straight up gameplay improvements. Improving the pick and roll system is one major way, as well as making it easier to play lockdown defense. There are some other cool features in the game that we've seen but we're just not allowed to talk about yet - you'll have to wait for at least E3."

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