Geforce GTX 960 Launching in Mid October – Alleges Japanese Leak

The Next Generation Price/Performance Champion or the Geforce GTX 960 is reportedly launching after the Big Maxwell launch in Mid-October 2014.

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ATi_Elite1522d ago

Great news because the GTX-x60 series in sli format offers far greater performance than a single GTX-x80 series for about the same price when u catch a good deal.

Looking forward to selling my current gtx660 sli cards and getting GTX960 sli

starchild1521d ago

Cool. How do you find the SLI performance to be across a wide variety of games?

I'll probably be getting the GTX 970 or 980, but I am interested in an SLI setup for the future.

ProjectVulcan1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

The problem I might have with this is that I would be taking 4GB cards as a minimum now, even if they were midrange. A 4GB version of a GTX960 would be smarter.

The consoles are forcing very high video memory demands on games that would otherwise run maxed easily on midrange cards. Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein, Dead Rising 3 etc

GTA4 on PC did something very similar in 2008, you really needed a 1GB card to get the most of it, and quickly after 1GB cards became de rigueur.

More and more games will chew up 3GB+ VRAM now even at modest (1080p) resolutions. It will become a common theme. It'll pay off to have a 4GB card over the next 12 months.

LAWSON721521d ago

Will probably be my next gpu since I sold my GTX 760 for the new series.

Somebody1521d ago

I was planning to get a GTX760 to replace my old GTX570 but then I remembered that the 900 series will be announced this September. Might as well have a little bit of patience and wait for the 960. It may be a rumor but an October release sounds sweets.

Although, I might have to wait much longer since the ITX case I'm wanting to use only allows cards up to 210mm in length(unless MSI or Asus managed to spin another of their magic wands and release an ITX version of the 970).

ABizzel11521d ago

Not upgrading, I have 760's SLI, for $300. UNBEATABLE DEAL XD

KTF261521d ago

from 760 to 960!!!
don't expect a big difference
to feel a real difference go for 970 or 980 (if you can)

specialguest1521d ago

I'll wait for next year's series. Already have a 770. Might get another 770 and sli it if the price is right

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