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Whats up guys, Zach Sharpes here with my Destiny First Look! Bungie is at it again after leaving the Halo franchise and signing on with Activision, while bringing the hype of their next universe with them. Is Destiny the next best thing, or the next best flop? Find out!

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Drithe1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

There are a ton of COD fans, and even more disgruntled BF fans, who try and hate on this game. Millions are buying this game and MILLIONS are having serious fun with it. Half the haters that come on here are FROM THE LAST OF US nerds who cant stand seeing a FPS destroy it in terms of FUN and SALES. Funny how you can play TLOU one time and be done with it. But you can play Destiny forever.

I am loving this game. Everyone else I know is too. If you like FPS, join us. This is hands down game of the year. Unlike some overrated games, like TLOU, this game will be played for MANY years to come.

End of line.

EvilWay1495d ago

You may like it now, but my guess is that won't last very long

MasterCornholio1495d ago

Sales dont indicate quality of a game. Demon Souls didn't sell a on but it was a quality title.

Xsilver1495d ago

calls another game overrated while praising a overrated game hmmmmmmmmm

Jughead34161495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

@ DRITHE - Totally agree with you. I'm having so much fun with this game. Should be a Game of the Year candidate. The Last Of Us may get it again, but Destiny is a spectacular experience. Pure fun. Not sure why people are hating on it. My jaw hit the floor when I played the first Mars mission!! What's so awesome for me is, I'm at level 19. When you hit level 20, there's so much stuff in the game that opens up. For those that are hating on the game, I wonder if they've gotten to level 20. And the Crucible is as much fun as I've had playing competitive multiplayer.

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doomtrain1495d ago

100% in agreement with you mate

1495d ago