Destiny down to £34.85 on PS4/Xbox One

Dealspwn writes: This is even cheaper than Tesco's recent deal and also includes the Xbox One version of the game. To be honest I never thought we'd see the new-gen version of the game below £40 this year, but it seems like a few sites are resorting to hacking their profit margins to cash in on the hype. Head over to our Destiny hub, where you can see gameplay videos and impressions so far.

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FsterThnFTL1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Destined for the bargain bin, sooner than I thought.

DeadRabbits1498d ago

Yeap going the same way as Titanfall & Ryse it seems!

IVanSpinal1498d ago

PS fanboy with 1 bubble XD, thats incredible

user3672721498d ago

DeadRabbit got hit with a fanboy goggle on the head and temporary forgot Destiny is also on PS4 and Bungie no longer is part of MS. 😄

placiid1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Damn i feel sorry for the people that paid £50 or more for it

Palitera1498d ago

I paid 20 bucks.

If I paid 60 on a software designed to be a DLC vending machine, I'd be pissed. But for 20, it's a nice price and good to know I'm not supporting the devs or publishers if the scam.

That said, good game. If it wasn't for the lack of honesty ruining the design of the game, It would be a great one.

cyclindk1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Love that metaphor, "dlc vending machine."



MrWonderful1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I'm not one bit sorry. I'm enjoying the game and I got the ghost edition. They've made their money so why not lower the price so more people will buy it.

cyclindk1498d ago

Because yeah... That's why it's lower...

Dirtnapstor1498d ago

Bungie needs to drop the price of the expansion packs. They're not going to get many takers at this rate!

Palitera1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Every time I hear "expansion" for Destiny, I think companies are right to treat gamers like conplete idiots.

The name is DLC.

Also, their "alpha" and "beta" were mostly demos, but not at all "alpha".

It is like "GTA Online". Rockstar says "Hey, together with GTA V, you'll have access for free to GTA Online", a MP game in the same universe.

FFS. It is called GTA V MP mode, stupid people! Otherwise you'd have BF4 and BFOnline, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Online, Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider online. All completely different games, right?


Dirtnapstor1498d ago

Semantics... I think we know what's really going on when it comes to terminology.

yankolo1498d ago

Told uuuuuu ...slow and boringgg

xtremexx1498d ago

jesus. wow thats not great.

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The story is too old to be commented.