VGChartz: USA Weekly Chart, 30th August 2014

Hardware :
XOne 59,533 (+84%)
PS4 54,515 (+17%)
3DS 22,191 (-3%)
WiiU 17,325 (-5%)
X360 13,215 (-0%)
PS3 8,618 (0%)
Wii 2,586 (-5%)
PSV 2,495 (+7%)
PSP 325 (-8%)

Software :
1) Madden NFL 15 (PS4) 404,476
2) Madden NFL 15 (XOne) 310,560
3) Madden NFL 15 (X360) 252,052
4) Madden NFL 15 (PS3) 183,893
5) Professor Layton vs Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney (3DS) 41,143
6) Minecraft (X360) 29,357
7) Minecraft (PS3) 25,511
8) Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4) 19,248
9) Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) 15,581
10) Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (XOne) 14,790

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Kayant2406d ago

Ahhhh the last week XB1 was said to double sales in August because of Madden bundle. Anyways chartz going to chartz...

Lmaooo they still haven't put PS4 at 10m yet. Damn the amount of salt is unreal.

Infamous2982406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

LOLchartz strikes again, I can't believe that this site is still not banned. Lol @ vgchartz for still having the PS4's sales number under 10m.

2406d ago
gameon19852406d ago

Look I know Vgchartz is garbage when it comes to reliability, but if you are going to bitch about them because they are saying Xbox one out sold PS4 at least don't lie about what they have for PS4 total sales. They currently have the PS4 at 10.2 mill. so what the hell are you bitching about? did you even go to there home page or are just going by ear say??

SpringHeeledJack2406d ago

Yep it's strange how hip hop gamer got banned for not being a credible source as the mods told him, but known fake numbers and xbox site vgchartz doesn't get banned.

Infamous2982406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

@gameon1985, We always complained about vgchartz articles even when they put PS4 on top. I admit tho to my mistake on my last comment about PS4 sales number.

Grap2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I dislike vgchartz, but WTH are you talking about? and how the hell you have 27 likes?????!!!!! it's above 10M mark!

aceitman2406d ago

@gameon1985 vg chartz is behind 300,000 on ps4 sales as of the 30th , sony announced 10mill sold as of the 9th of august as of the 9th of august vg has ps4 at 9,725,000 ps4s sold no adjustment was made. so who wouldn't be mad , were talking 300,000 under so the number for ps4 sold is at 10.5 million not 2, whem ms announced 83 million sold ( never mentioned sold to customers or retail ) vg adjusted 1.5 million 360s in 2 days of the announcement , but didn't for ps4. so gameon1985 if it was x1 there would be a lot of people pissed and not trustworthy of vg chartz. so I look at it like this until they make the proper adjustments I know sony is 300,000 more than what they say. sony has been selling minimum of 150,000 a week global in the summer hitting 200,000 a few times .

gootimes2406d ago

Congrats to Microsoft on the week, should be pretty interesting going into the holidays.

UltimateMaster2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

It is now at 10.2 million PS4s.
But that was over 10 million at Gamescom, not today.

VGchartz often times showcases week after week better N/A sales of the Xbox One over the PS4.
Yet, when the NPD numbers comes out, they end up selling half of the PS4, that's not even a close race.

It's like 2 horses race, one finishes in 5 minutes and the other in 10 minutes; nobody needs to see a replay of it to see who won.

SilentNegotiator2405d ago

Commence fanboys pretending like VGChartz has never been criticized by the majority of N4G until this very day.

morganfell2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

The Amazon Bestseller list for the month of September disagrees with the trash that is vgchartz.

The Amazon Hourly Bestseller List disagrees with the trash that is vgchartz.

The Best Buy Hourly Bestseller list disagrees with the trash that is vgchartz.

The Gamestop site is down right now but as of last night that hourly bestseller list also disagrees with the trash that is vgchartz.

Common Sense By the Minute list disagrees with the trash that is vgchartz.

Pure FUD and the loswest form of internet garbage because it isn't lack of insight that causes that idiot site to post such moronic numbers over and over again. Instead it intentional deceit and attempts to mislead the public.

Worst of all N4G hasn't a shred of integrity or else that would stop allowing a site like vgchartz to post here. But then again N4G is selling themselves for a few paltry pennies at the expense of the members here. Quite frankly they should be ashamed. Oh wait, shame requires dignity and character.

MRMagoo1232405d ago

I wonder how many xbone fanboys will be called out when the real numbers come out again completely disproving this vgchartz once again, and making them all disappear for a few days before commenting again.

Anyone who believes the numbers this site makes up should not be allowed to comment ever, ps4 in front I dont believe them xbone in front still dont believe them, they havent been right yet and I have been here since 2007

mike_honcho2405d ago

once again NPD > VGChartz..

mikeslemonade2405d ago

Y'all are all wrong. VGchartz is close enough. It tells us the story that PS4 is outselling X1 by 2:1. As long as it's about 90% accurate to the real number it's fine. And there's no such thing as accurate by 100%. Y'all are thick users here. Use common sense lol

morganfell2405d ago


Some people have difficulty with reality. We understand that. You and the kid that runs vgchartz have this issue. All the REAL sales data clearly shows the X1 is still behind THIS WEEK. But in order to mentally survive in this world some people, such as the two of you, feel the necessity to skew reality. You obviously do not realize this but we all understand this and recognize you, your actions, and why you avoid the truth.

Unlike vgchartz, current and past sales data from Amazon, Best Buy, and Gamestop does not lie. And the numbers from vgchartz numbers close enough. Not even in the ball park. So go ahead and keep telling yourself it's real.

I dare you to show up in the next NPD threads where you will be pummled with the facts. I dare you. The fact that you keep defending a liar like the head of vgchartz means that nothing you say, nothing is of consequence. You have no argument in a discussion. You have no facts. You have nothing to bring to the table that could make others consider something you say could possess even a sliver of validity. And you are in this position of nothingness and it is of your own making. As long as you continue to make ridiculous absurd claims that vgchartz has any dependibility then you will be laughed out of any thread. So you can either face the facts and be viewed as a gamer of some worthwhile opinion or you can be a pariah.

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Nitrowolf22406d ago

uh, they list PS4 at a little over 10 Million (Global)

Kayant2406d ago

It wasn't when I viewed it. Also interesting according to cache on 29 Aug 2014 14:26:24 GMT it was 10,050,258

So it went down magically.


360ICE2406d ago

If you're gonna criticise VGchartz for getting PS4's numbers wrong, at least get VGchartz's numbers right.

PS4 is sitting at 10.2 million.

Sm00thNinja2406d ago

Lmao THIS! they want the numbers to be wrong so bad. Didn't even look at the site! That said VGshart isn't reliable for NPD

Realplaya2406d ago

The last time I looked (yesterday) they had it at 10.1 million.

aviator1892406d ago

vgchartz has had ps4 numbers over 10M for some time now...

frostypants2405d ago

And 562 people have already pointed it out. You gonna ask him if he go the TPS report memo next?

ABizzel12406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Madden Bundle didn't do anything, it's those promotions and they're completely worth it IMO.

*The first was trade in any game get a $10 gift card, up to 5 games (and they were accepting just about everything). EXPIRED

*The second which was suppose to be canceled, but I checked and its been extended. Trade in your Xbox 360 or PS3 and get $100 off the XBO (360 would is a no brainer IMO).

*Finally the current one Buy an XBO or XBO bundle and get a game of your choice free and a $50 gift card.

If you took advantage of the first 2 promotions that would be an easy $150 towards and XBO. Then you could take advantage of the current promotion and you get a XBO bundle + A free game of your choice + a $50 gift card = $249 (less than Wii U) / $349 w. Kinect.

Why wouldn't you upgrade. Even without the first promotion it's still $299 (the same price as a Wii U) / $399.

So I definitely see them doing the price drop down to $329 - $349 soon (no later than March).

CervantesPR2406d ago

Another price drop so soon? Nah microsoft wont jump on that gun just yet, why take a loss so early? Both are at the same price so the price isnt an issue. But anyways next year PS4 will bury the xbox one, With bloodborne early 2015 the order 1886,the tomorow chilldren early 2014 shortly after,persona 5, wild and uncharted 4 to end the year with a bang. And ys and all those other japanese goodies.

ABizzel12405d ago


MS has never had a price drop for the XBO. They simply removed Kinect allowing them to sell a $399 SKU. It was a false price drop, because yes the price went down, but MS didn't take any kind of loss because of it, in fact both MS and Sony are making a profit on each console sold already.

Price in comparison to the PlayStation has always been an issue. The original Xbox vs PS2, was an issue because the PS2 launched first, it was priced cheaper, and it ended up having the most games and developer support.

The 360 vs PS3 was the exact opposite situation with the 360 being $200 - $300 less than the 60GB PS3 at launch, and ultimately averaging $100 less than the PS3 for most of the generation (aka cheaper price), it launched first, and it had the most games and developer support, but the PS3 still outsold it.

The only way the XBO is ever going to see sales numbers like the PS4 or anywhere near it is if they drop the price (with $329 - $349 being the only reasonable range they could hit this soon), and if they start pumping out must have AAA exclusives of which they only have Halo, Gears, and Forza (I love Remedy games, but they're strong A games IMO).

So the immediate solutions are:
1. Hope for the best in China.

2. Offer a Promotion: Buy COD: AW XBO get Halo: MCC free for the holidays

March 2015
3. Have a price drop down to $329 - $349 around tax season in the US to scoop up that tax return money.

4. Build up their 1st party studios, and pay their second parties to start pumping out exclusives on the regular.

5. Start paying 3rd parties to developer "ORIGINAL" exclusives for the XBO.

6. Subsidize the XBO with cable providers in the US at least.

That's all they really can do. And if things don't work out for them this generation, it's time to change their strategy and become a PConsole. They have the chance to really do some good for PC gaming, and set new standards for that industry, if they're willing to merge Xbox with PC.

Biggest2405d ago

There you go, ABizzel1. They never had a price drop. They just charged less for the console with a different feature set. Did you know that the PS3 never had an price drop? They just charged less for the console with a different feature set.

aceitman2405d ago

@ABizzel1 - there have been price drops on X1 there called soft price drops where they give discounts on prices like 449$ for titanfall bundle hell even at 399$ with discount plus giftcard and yes those deals where out . now ur seeing soft pricecuts with freegames like madden bundle , with free gameswhich ended today and discounts a giftcard . now, ms is not making money on the xbox only model u are wrong on that, they are breaking even with the system but they are losing money with the games or discount that they give . ms cant drop the price this year again it will make them look in desparate need , now let me break down a soft market for u which is why ms is doing a soft price drop. A market that has more potential sellers than buyers. A soft market can describe an entire industry, such as the retail market, or a specific asset, such as lumber. This is often referred to as a buyer's market, as the purchasers hold much of the power in negotiations.

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medman2406d ago

The embarrassing site vgchartz embarrasses itself once more...they let the monkeys in cages out once a month to type up the reports..and boy does it show.

Wikkid6662406d ago

LOL! you must be blind. It clearly says say 10.2 million for the PS4.

cell9892406d ago

Except 10.2 million is STILL under reported. I want to see how they update their numbers once destiny sales are revealed

FITgamer2406d ago

We all already know the outcome to August so it's not like these numbers matter. 2 weeks into September and they are just now posting the last week of August numbers.

Evilsnuggle2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )


Wow how is it that VGCHARTS are constantly wrong . But never get penalized. But n4g banneds the Hip Hop Gamer. The hypocrisy of N4G :/ ???????

Under normal circumstances I would agree with you. If Sony didn't already announced 10 million sold PS4 more than a month ago. PS4 has consistently sold about 1 million console a month. Meanwhile x1 sales have been in decline since after their launch and the holidays. Since January x1 one has sold less and less monthly. 10.2 is way off. If you look at the sales trends of the PS4 . The PS4 should be about 11 million or a little more with pre Destiny and madden sales.

At this point and time. I think everyone with common sense knows that VGCHARTS are as phony as a 3 dollars bill. VGCHARTS just guesstimate sales numbers. They just happen to be huge xbox fanboys. When VGCHARTS say PS4 sold more than X1 I still look at it with the shady eye and with and a grain of salt.

ITPython2405d ago

Why would anybody buy an XB1 for a multiplat game? I mean who seriously thinks "Well both consoles are the same price, but this one is weaker and underperforms in games. Yup, the weaker one is what I want!"

Clearly these people don't know how to research their purchases, can't think for themselves and are easily duped by commercials. ie Sheepeople.

Godmars2902405d ago

Think that its more telling that the numbers the page the "story" links to are different than the numbers on the site's main page.

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Geobros2406d ago

1,000,000 for Mario Kart 8 in USA. A very important number for a console with few sales...

viperman2402406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I honestly don't understand why this site isn't banned from this site.

They just make up numbers always over tracking anything MS related and under tracking anything Sony.

Before it became offocial that the Xbox one was sub 5 million consoles sold, Vgchartz had them at 5.2 million sold and quickly brought them back to 5 million, yet it took them almost 1 month to change the ps4 to 10 million.

Lastly, about 2 or 3 months ago Naughty Dog said The Last of Us sold 7 million units on the ps3, yet vgchartz has yet to correct their error. More so this just shows how badly they "track" consoles/games.


I seem to be getting disagree's for speaking my mind? I don't get it, what have I said that was wrong?

Here is ND saying TLoU has sold over 7 million on PS3 thus far. Compare that to vgchartz numbers.

360ICE2406d ago

VGchartz tracks physical copies only. Not downloads. So that pretty much explains why Naughty Dog is giving us a higher number (downloads + physical copies), while VG is giving us a lower one (physical copies).

What annoys me is how easily this information is available, yet people keep dragging their VGchartz conspiracies up. Their results sure are imperfect, but that's statistics for you.

nodim2406d ago

Well, it's just that there is not an ounce of statistics on VGChartz. They simply make up numbers and then change them (sometimes, mostly they just leave it be) if real information emerges somewhere else.

viperman2402406d ago

I'm not disagreeing with you, but I could have sworn both MS and Sony don't release their digital sales data.

I tried to find any kind of statement on digital sales on either one, but google isn't really helping. So I don't see how it could be easy for you to say this when I can't find anything. Mind giving me a link.

I tried to do a comparison to see if there truly is a bias with vgchartz, but MS never posted their current sales figure for Halo 4, only current sales figure I can find for the game all come from vgchartz.

But what I did see is that they only used retail data for their sales figures, not retail and digital like you claim.

Look at the bottom asterisk.

viperman2402406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I kept digging for data, this isn't the latest up to date sales figures, but this does indeed show a bias.

They reported saying "Halo 4 has sold approximately four million copies worldwide, according to the latest franchise sales figure published by Microsoft."

This article was published on December 6th, 2012.

Looking at vgchartz sales data around the same date they have over tracked it by over 1 million. Looking at the closest dates which are Dec 1st and Dec 8th.

So shouldn't it be the other way around according to what you said? Seeing as MS would have combined both retail and digital sales? But somehow vgchartz has the sales over 1 million over what MS reported?

Can you explain this one?

Why o why2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

N4g and vgc have a business deal in place; advertising one I've been told......take from that what you will

cell9892406d ago

Great research Viperman bubbles for you.360ICE you got owned

aceitman2405d ago

they counted the titanfall digital copies , as soon as they stop making the titanfall bundle the numbers fell drastically.

360ICE2405d ago

Can't remember trolling, using bad language, writing a personal attack, being immature, writing something off-topic or something that's not a reply.

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360ICE2406d ago

Eh. I don't think Sony or MS have policies on not releasing downloads. In fact, they probably would include downloads, as they're interested in presenting the highest numbers possible.

VGchartz doesn't wait for Sony, Microsoft or even NPD to get their initial numbers. They are estimates based on extrapolating data from consumers and stores. Precisely since Sony and MS don't make download numbers readily available to VGChartz, like the stores VGchartz track do, they can only estimate physical copies.

Anyway, it's not that often that sales numbers are made readily available by publishers, so estimates from sites like VGchartz kan help fill the gaps.

As for Halo 4, the article has a date, but there's no mention of which period the sales numbers were gathered from. Getting exact sales numbers that are sold through to consumers can take quite some time. Hence, why we sometimes rely on estimates.

viperman2402405d ago

As I pointed out in the article, they sited they only used retail sales, not a combination of retail and digital. You said "What annoys me is how easily this information is available" can you please link me to those policies in which you are talking about? I had no luck finding those policies.

So what is the point in VGchartz even existing if they only ever "estimate"? That is why we have Mediacreate (Japan) and NPD (USA) for sales figures, those are accurate official sales. Thus nullifying the point in having a website that only estimates and then changes those estimations to what NPD and Mediacreate have reported.

For small titles, yes I can agree they can help fill in the gaps, but at the same time they can be terribly wrong with those numbers. Just by looking at the TLoU and Halo 4 sales figures I pointed out.

How can "they" rely on estimates when the sales are coming directly from Microsoft? Also they did state when the sales came from, "In a press release issued today" and that article was from Dec. 6th 2012. Meaning, MS has gotten the sales since the launch of Halo 4 till that date. So it cant get anymore exact than that.

360ICE2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

If you look up VGChartz's methodology you'll see that they track retail. I gave you the link, and at what place is it more logical to provide that information than under "About us" or "methodology"?

I also gave you the explanation as to why they exist: To provide numbers quicker and to provide numbers that otherwise wouldn't be provided at all. NPD and Media Create provide the numbers for the most-selling North American and Japanese market, with some delay. For nearly everything else, there's VGChartz.

And yet again, The Last of Us could very well be accurate, because they track retail - not downloads. A number, btw, which isn't guaranteed to be released at all.

I mean, if they really did track digital sales, then why not update their number? They've already acknowledged that the total sales exceed 7 million:

So much for Xbox fanboyism (nevermind the ridiculous notion that someone would root for Xbox so much that they'd change the numbers).

"Meaning, MS has gotten the sales since the launch of Halo 4 till that date. So it cant get anymore exact than that."

That's an obvious fallacy. Gathering information and feedback from stores takes time. You don't get everyone to release their exact sales data at the same time and then have it ready the same date. The press release could have been recent, but the data can't have been. More exact data takes more time.

user74029312406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

vgcharts overtracks xbox 1 numbers and undertracks ps4 numbers, we all know the xbox one is getting its ass handed to it by ps4.

why isn't this websight banned already?

shaenoide2406d ago

because they are tracking N4G news on the bottom right corner :p

nodim2406d ago

haha, true, mystery is solved, I guess.

YodaCracker2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Do you have any data to back up your claims of this supposed conspiracy against the PS4? Here is the data I've collected:

August 2014
VGC Predictions:
PS4: 193K
XB1: 156K

NPD Results:
PS4: 190K (overtracked by 3K)
XB1: 160K (undertracked by 4K)



July 2014
VGC Predictions:
PS4: 205K
XB1: 139K

NPD Results:
PS4: 187K (overtracked by 18K)
XB1: 131K (overtracked by 8K)



I'm seeing some very close estimates and more overtracking going on for the PS4!

aceitman2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

@YodaCracker, this over tracking of ps4 has just started on vg chartz because they undertracked ps4 by so much and overtracked x1 by so much they have just started to try and get the numbers right , hell they where undertracking ps4 by 30-50,000 globally before sony announce the 10 million mark. but don't worry vg chartz is quick to fix over tracked ps4 numbers . hell they still haven't fixed the 300,000 undertracked adjustment on august 9th
so ps4 is actually at 10.5 million as of the 23rd.

SpinalRemains1382405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I initially replied to explain the laughability of your blissful ignorance, and then I realized you aren't blissfully ignorant at all.

You're just refusing to accept what everyone knows, and what the VG Chart creator has even gone on record stating in a public forum; that is to say he has been cooking the numbers in favor of MS, and radically under tracking everything SONY since day 1.

randomass1712404d ago

@SpinalRemains138 Even I agree that VGChartz habitually overtracks XB1 and undertracks PS4, but could your comment have been any bigger a strawman argument? If you want to make a point how about supplying actual data to support what you are saying instead of discrediting yourself with immature insults?

Revengeance2406d ago

Oh look Ksar a well known Xbox drone posted this knowing full well VGchartz overtracks Xbone numbers and undertracks PS4 numbers.

Now we wait for the other drones to come up with some BS saying how it going to take back US or how China will be the country that helps it take over PS4.