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Eurogamer :

"Has Destiny truly achieved platform parity between Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Shooting ahead of expectations with a boosted, crisper 1080p output and no immediately apparent frame-rate penalty, first impressions suggest the Xbox One version holds up handsomely compared to its PS4 counterpart. But we wanted to go deeper, requiring a period of extended play to fully address our two outstanding concerns: firstly, are the Xbox One's graphics settings truly a match for those seen on the Sony hardware? And, just as crucially, is 30fps on later, potentially more demanding stages a lock for each platform?"

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jackanderson19851498d ago

like the X1 only article the other day... to sum it up basically the same, PS4 performs slightly (and it means slightly) better in framepacing.... PS4 wins cuz of the extra content if you're that concerned

pedrof931498d ago

They really put a lot of effort in optimizing on X1. I wonder how things could be better in Ps4 if they had put the same amount of effort. But then again the game's graphics are a bit average.

Septic1498d ago

"They really put a lot of effort in optimizing on X1. I wonder how things could be better in Ps4 if they had put the same amount of effort"

You're looking at things way too black and white.

Is this going to be trend from now on by the way? That if a game achieves parity or close to it, the X1 is going to be blamed for dragging everything down regardless of the ambitions od the devs/limitations of the game engine?

GutZ311498d ago

I hope people don't blame the Xbox One for Destiny being just good enough graphically.
The thing we should all remember is that this game is on last gen as well, and look at all the games that are cross gen to see a trend in quality being lower than current gen games.

I do hope that Destiny 2 will be current gen only, in hopes that they push for new and exciting gameplay mechanics/graphics to bring the kid out of all of us.

ProjectVulcan1498d ago

Parity is more likely a marketing decision than a hardware one.

I have seen bigger differences in most games on 360/PS3 and those two are closer matched than PS4/Xbox One hardware wise, for sure....

gootimes1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I think the fact is, even with claimed parity they were trying to achieve, the PS4 still preforms slightly better, even if only by a whisker.

The fact is there IS an advantage with PS4, however slight it may be on some games, just like 360 last gen. Both companies will improve the software and tools for the system...

Sony side - please admit the differences wont be very big

Microsoft side - please admit there WILL be a slight advantage in multiplats on PS4, even if they are only tiny FPS differences in some games.

Don't forget how small the differences were last gen for the most part with people claiming the superior version. Like blades of grass. And there were even multiplat games on PS3 that outperformed the 360, but it was still given that the 360 had the advantage in that area.


pedrof931498d ago


Well, if you compare FH or F5 to Driveclub, or if you look at games like Bloodbourne or Infamous you don't see anything like that popping on X1 (At least on same rez and fps).

1497d ago
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Kayant1498d ago

Pretty much what I though from the pics in the performance pre-analysis of XB1.

Curious why XB1 has the frame pacing issues from the beta. Probably not enough time to finish things? Wonder if it will be fixed in a patch.

Yetter1497d ago

Im thinking that is pretty likely the way DF describes it

AndrewLB1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

How on earth can Eurogamer honestly claim the PS4 version "holds 30fps perfectly" when their own video shows it doesn't? And it does this more than once!

Hello? McFly???

I think that proves PS4 was NOT held back whatsoever. Perhaps they could have optimized a bit more for PS4, but no way in hell could it have ran 60fps or used 4xMSAA on PS4.

edit: Whats up with the disagrees? Did you even watch the video? What I said is 100% fact and the screenshot proves it. The PS4 version dropped to 28fps on more than one occasion yet Eurogamer completely ignored their own video.

hello121498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

[email protected] Eurogamer does it with every game they test PS4 version of the game by the MS benchmark method and test the xbox 1 version with the FPS benchmark. Never trusted Eurogamer, with this. They deliberately do this to hide facts.

I will stick to redtechgaming for a fair and balanced review and he did give the win to the PS4 on first impressions. More indepth review is coming.

[email protected] Stop downplaying games just because they look nearly the same on x box 1. The game has good graphics, this is the new excuse, the graphics aren't great anyway (ps4 version must be downgraded) If you watched the video from Redtechgaming he pointed out the PS4 version had some advantages over x box 1 version. So parity does no exist at all.Its only a short preview, a better review is coming soon, he highlights the advantages Ps4 version has.

[email protected] Those bugs seem to be effecting the PS4 all the time now, but Andrew is spot on you can see the PS4 version drop frames when the x box 1 version remained steady. Its lies from Eurogamer, and i have seen it before, glad someone else noticed it now too, but you guys don't care about truth if the x box 1 version is showing a better frame rate.

gfk3421498d ago

Chill out... nobody will downplay your precious Xbox.

The fact that a game falls (sporadically, occasionally) FOR LESS THAN A SECOND to 28 fps DOES NOT mean it has performance issues. This simply means that we may deal with an anomaly that could have various reasons (like a BUG that has been found in the PS4 version of Diablo 3 and Destiny Beta).

In fact, this anomaly has been explained by DF in the Xone article of yesterday. You should read first and then accuse!

"Otherwise, Bungie's target 30fps is strictly adhered to, and with v-sync permanently engaged to boot. In fact, we only catch one hiccup to 28fps; a momentary blip while riding a Sparrow quickly across the wastelands. Based on its timing, this seems to have less to do with strains on the GPU, and is more about the engine's ability to stream the world, as made evident by the way it strikes at the same point as the beta release. "

SO the PS4 drops 2 frames in the same location as your precious XOne and this is an issue due to streaming issue and not a GPU issue.

Please also note that Xone had been HEAVELY optimized and after such work to see performance issue is not very good (especially for a game like Destiny that is not very demanding as it plays very similar - with the exception of the resolution - on last gen consoles)

Take note that Destiny has constant frame rate pacing issue, despite being heavily OPTIMISED.

CernaML1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Read the article again. You sound like an absolute crybaby with those false claims.

"What we're left with on Sony's platform is a nigh-on perfect 30fps playthrough, with each frame consistently being rendered in the correct order."

Keyword: nigh-on

Please leave your tinfoil hat at the door.

@KNWS Are you for real?!?!

Man, and people thought sony fanboys were bad when preaching about lazy devs last gen.

StrangerX1497d ago

Funny thing is that if you look at both videos the end of the second one here posted and both on the eurogamer site they both show he XO version going higher than 30fps and even almost 32fps. So i wonder about that who has better frames......

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Evilsnuggle1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

[email protected]

I love how xbonefanboy are always trying to down play the PS4 advantages. If we both purchased a car at the same price . But my car was 10 mph faster at the same price who got the better deal on a car ?

This is a last gen game. The PS4 and x1 should be running it in 1080P 60fps. But the x1 can't run it 1080P 30fps locked a last gen game. X1 is a brand new console Destiny is a last gen game . Destiny should be locked at 1080P 30fps without any optimization and help from Microsoft on x1 bare minimum.

What happens when a new more resource costing next gen game comes to x1. Two last gen game had lower frame rates on x1 than PS4 Diablo 3 and Destiny. Diablo 3 had frame rates dips at 50fps . Diablo 3 is a 2 year old game that can run 60fps locked on x1 but can on PS4 . Destiny and Diablo 3 need more time and optimization just to run worse than the PS4.

The x1 It's barely treading water right now . What will game run like 2 year from now. The game 2 year from now will be more resource demanding than now. I own both OG Xbox and 360 gamer tag evil-snuggle xbox live. I have not seen any reason to buy a X1 yet just more reasons not to. I might buy a steam machine instead of a x1 this gen or a mid range gaming PC.

Second place just means you lost by less than the other guys . We are talking about game consoles at the same price point not more expensive pc . Pc fanboys

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user74029311498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

"For those lucky enough to own both consoles though, the advantage lies on Sony's platform"


Septic1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

The rest of the sentence:

"but only by a whisker, with the core experience on Xbox One being just as worthwhile overall."


ASTAROTH1498d ago

The core experience in X360 and PS3 is just as worthwhile overall... your point??

Septic1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

What's my point? Read the quote above :the advantage lies with the PS4 but only by a whisker over the Xbox One. Where does the 360 and PS3 come into this? You do realise this is a comparison article regarding the X1 and PS4 right?

imt5581498d ago

You can blame Bungie for developing a CROSS-GEN game. Game is graphically average. But hey, Microsoft send their own engineers to Bungie to push Destiny ( a CROSS-GEN game ) to 1080p on Xbone.

angelsx1498d ago

This game should be 60fps or at least open fps 40-60fps.

Volkama1497d ago

Yeah imt is right, Microsoft do deserve credit here. investing top resource into assisting devs and ensuring the best quality for gamers.

Well said imt558.

wsoutlaw871497d ago

i guess it is cool that ms did that but wouldnt say they deserved credit. If another huge game had to announce sub 1080 on the xbo it would look very bad for them.

TheWatercooler1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

The game is also locked at 30. PS4 can most likely run this game at 45 - 50fps, where the Xbone is probably only just managing that 30fps.

Bungie has sacrificed the PS4 advantages for the sake of equal sales.

For the disagrees. The PS4 is simply more powerful. The facts do not lie. If there is parity with the Xbone then the PS4 has more left in the tank. That's just the way it is.

Doge1498d ago

You can blame the 360/PS3 for that.

AndrewLB1498d ago

You claim PS4 could have run 45-50fps... but the facts are Eurogamer's own video shows multiple frame rate drops on PS4 where it hits 28fps.


With the amount of optimization done on the PS4, the game was pretty much maxing out it's hardware. If the PS4 had much additional headroom, it would have never dropped to 28fps.

What surprises me is Eurogamer completely ignored those frame drops and claimed "the PS4 held 30fps perfectly".

*cough* Bull$h*t! *cough*

wsoutlaw871497d ago

lol a 2 frame drop for a second doesnt prove any thing. there could be plenty of issues that could cause a 2 fps drop no matter what fps you are running it at. They also did not ignore it so you are just plain lying. To completely lie about an article everyone could just read is sad and shows you take fanboy sh*t WAY too seriously.

the_dark_one1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

well he did say that there was a little hiccup in one mission when he was riding the Sparrow.

" It's the same story on PS4, where we encounter just one dip southwards during testing - a stutter around the Steppes wastelands while travelling on a Sparrow. It's a streaming hiccup also caught on the Xbox One version"

and in the same image you show about a sec later dthe xbox one dipped aswell same spot

Yetter1497d ago

How many games on Ps4 run 1080p over 50 fps? I can think of 2 metro redux (an old game) and Tombraider (another reboot). Is there something I'm missing?

AsheXII1498d ago

For me playing with the right interface and controller is more important than extra MP maps.

ASTAROTH1498d ago

You are rigth!! Thats why the PS4 version is still the best one. Best performance, controller and with extra MP maps!!! What more could you ask for??

BTW the controller part of your comment is just opinion based. There are a lot of people who preffer the PS4 controller.

MCTJim1498d ago

So they are exactly the same minus the extra content. Enjoy the game on your platform of choice.

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