Dreamstation: NBA Ballers: Chosen One Review

Dreamstation writes: "I must admit, I'm a huge NBA geek. For the past three years I've played fantasy basketball leagues, so when I was given the opportunity to review NBA Ballers: Chosen One for the PlayStation 3 I jumped at the chance. This year Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic is the cover athlete. Luckily for them and their playoff chances, there is no Madden-like "curse" on Ballers.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Ballers, think back to NBA Jam the old Midway arcade hit that featured 2-on-2 action featuring some of the biggest superstars the game had to offer. This time around, though, you might go it alone, or you might play against more than one opponent. The main game comes from the Create A Player mode where you will (drumroll) create a player of your own liking. After you do such, you begin your journey to become the "Chosen One". In the story mode you will be faced with various scenarios to overcome. Some will be simple like playing up to 11. Others will be more difficult like overcoming a 20 point deficit with only a limited amount of time. Get past all of the scenarios presented to you in story mode and you just may have what it takes to be the "Chosen One"."

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