Destiny: How to Get Strange Coins and How to Find Xur, Agent of the Nine

Strange Coins is the currency which is used to buy the Exotic pieces of armor from the Xur, Agent of the Nine, how to get these coins, but hardly there are not many ways to get them. The main way to get them is weekly heroic events. Only level 22 and 26 version of the weekly heroic will get the 3 Strange coins for completion, and only 28 will get 6 Strange Coins. You can complete all these level per week to get the 12 Strange Coins.

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cr33ping_death1500d ago

I have 8 coins.. guess ill have to wait till next weekend to get that awesome helmet :)

nX1500d ago

The current items will probably be replaced next week. I have 11 coins but I'll wait for next week as well.

LAWSON721500d ago

If they do they probably simply have a rotation I seriously doubt Xur would have these items only once in a blue moon and one of those few occasions are when nobody has 23 strange coins, especially red death a weapon that was shown off multiple times.

Mikelarry1500d ago

Lol i only got 1, how are you guys getting them

Soldierone1500d ago

I got 4 from the encryption items when I took a bunch of stuff back to the Tower.

tracyllrkn1500d ago

You can get them from the Crucible and doing Heroic Strikes.

Mikelarry1500d ago

Thanks for the info, going to try that now

3-4-51500d ago

I'm seeing people get quite a few of them playing PvP in the Crucible.

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Geekman1500d ago

I love this comments section. It shows that people are having fun with the game despite internet BS


Internet BS ? You mean that people were let down due to what any media outlet ( including Bungie) hyped the game to be... For the initial release of the game, the content was lacking in many areas. Not to say the game is absolutely terrible which would be an exaggeration, but the game was completely over exaggerated and is so bare it's almost disturbing how much their standards have slipped in terms of how un thought out the game was released...

Wasn't it also in development for 5 years? Look there are very solid parts of the game where you can see the GOTY Quality but it's outweighed by the cons for a lot of people. Glad people are having fun but those bashing those who feel like I do and make it the trend of the week to do such are pure trashy losers ( not saying you said anything like that but saying internet garbage like you're referring to those whose opinions are like mine. )

Blasphemy1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

@ geekman You mean the mediocre reviews to go with the game of the same caliber?

admiralvic1500d ago

I've gotten 21 so far. Not sure how I feel, since if I didn't buy the helmet I could afford the rifle, but at the same time I don't like Pulse rifles. =\

On topic~

Anyone else find it amusing when a site writes a paper thin and simple guide like this and still manages to get a number of things wrong? Like each difficulty actually gives 3 coins, but the rewards stack on higher difficulties. So if you haven't done the strike, then the 28 will give 9 coins and like 300 Vanguard rep, where as if you do the first one the reward will drop to 6 coins and 250 rep (I believe) and if you do both, then it drops to 3 coins and 150 rep (pic for proof ), though come the end of the day you're still capped at 9 coins a week via that method instead of 12.

You can also get strange coins via crucible matches, which is one of the easier methods.

cr33ping_death1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I finally got the helmet for my Hunter. Looks awesome. And i got two legendary machine guns. No legendary armor though. Im close to 2nd rank Dead Orbit and got enough crucible marks to buy their gear. I love this game :) yes it has its flaws but i love it.

P.s not a big fan of the pulse rifles either

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jmac531500d ago

Where in the tower is Xur? I haven't seen him.

RebelWAC1500d ago

At the crucible and vanguard merchant

TRD4L1fe1500d ago

I had exactly 13 when I went to him. Got me the exotic helmet. back on the grind till next weekend

Bathyj1500d ago


As in The Last Starfighter?