Destiny Armor Shader List

Once you reach level 20 in Destiny you can change the color of your armor by getting armor shaders. Some can be bought and others have to be found in PVP or missions. Check out this Destiny armor shader list to find out where to get the color you want!


Added Pics

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Soldierone3066d ago

I got the purple one, it looked blue in the circle. I wish we could preview it before buying them.

nX3066d ago

I got one called "God Of War", it's completely red and looks pretty cool :D

nX3066d ago

Got it after finishing a Control match as first place. But my guess is that these rewards are almost completely random.

3-4-53066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I got a purple/pink/green shader that looked only purple, but I got it playing multiplayer randomly.

Provincial Royal.

JohnnyHurricane3066d ago

I'll add pics so people can see them before hand!

Rhaigun3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

The way shaders work, is the outer color is the cloth part of the suit, the inner color is the metal parts of the suit.

r3f1cul3066d ago

the double banshee code that they gave away is the coolest and best looking shader i've seen so far

3-4-53066d ago

Yea I tried to type it said it was already added to my account.

I Haven't seen it yet.

Also, I've seent he same 4 shaders now for 3 days in a row, and they haven't changed once.

I don't like the ones available that I don't already have.

ScottyHoss3066d ago

Go onto your PC and go into profile/account and look for the option to activate them at the code list, I couldn't find them either and was lucky enough to happen upon a reddit page on Google with the info. Hope it helps

christian hour3065d ago

It'll show up in the special deliveries area near the post box in the tower after you've entered the codes as far as I can remember. Thats where all my beta rewards showed up and I think I remember the stuff I redeemed from codes being in there too.

ShowGun9013066d ago

sweet! gotta get to to enter those 2 codes, i NEED more shaders! LOL, only got the COD one, looks really really good, but i need variety LOL!

JohnnyHurricane3066d ago

What COD One? Fill me in guys!

ShowGun9013066d ago

if you pre-order COD:advanced warfare @ gamestop, they give you a code for destiny, its Grey Camo with Gold Trim... looks freaking sweet!

if you dont want COD, just go back to gamestop later and put the money on a different game! no blood no foul!

Drithe3065d ago

this game has so many secrets it is insane. Best game I have played in years.

Rhaigun3065d ago

There should be new shaders in the store Monday. The counter for new stock is at about 16 hours left (in the US). So, we should have new colors to choose from.