PSP Firmware 4.00 Now Available

Coinciding with the release of PS3 firmware 2.36 is the immediate availability of firmware 4.00 for PSP.

The update can now be downloaded from Network Update and as promised, includes two new main features. Namely, the ability to search Google without the need of launching the PSP's often slow Internet Browser and change the viewing speed of video played on the PSP by pressing up or down on the directional pad.

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PikkonX3778d ago

This is a very disappointing firmware update in my opinion and is certainly not worth the "4.00" title.

MikeGdaGod3778d ago

talk about disappointing, its not even up yet

Snukadaman3778d ago

Nothing like the update with internet radio.....Anyone have hot shots 2..maybe we can run a n4g tourney>?

freakyzeeky3778d ago

How do I go about installing the update file? I'm not exactly tech-savvy and a little help would be highly appreciated. :)

zslash3778d ago

Place it in X:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE

X being your memory stick drive. If the folders do not exist create them.

freakyzeeky3778d ago

You're very helpful... bubbles for you! :)

solidt123777d ago

I just want to be able to watch youtube videos like they can do on the ipod touch.

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Gitaroo3778d ago

ya man, I thought it would have divx support, I was reading that they reserved 8 MB of ram for the OS, but I dont see in game xmb either or any extra functionality while you are playing the game.

freakyzeeky3778d ago

Me neither... is this some sort of a new 'Rickroll' or something?

Sev3778d ago

It will be there momentarily...

If you cant wait, go to the official PS forums FW 4.00 thread, and you can download it to your PC for now.

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The story is too old to be commented.