Blue Dragon to Ship on 3 DVDs

Microsoft's stubborn approach to HD-DVD games might settle those not willing to splash out on another peripheral just to play games, but that shouldn't mean that the games that spill onto more than one DVD shouldn't also appear on HD-DVD, surely?

Mistwalker's much anticipated Blue Dragon comes on 3, and whilst that obviously won't mean lots of swapping (come on, surely it's split into three acts or something) it's still a call for a large media solution...

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BlackCountryBob4347d ago

No big deal, RPGs are always big, FF7 was on 3 disks too, didn't ruin the game experience at all! The extra price of next gen storage media is to high for the slight advantage it provides, i'll be happy to just change disk every 8-10 hours of gameplay!

Daewoodrow4347d ago

I had a feeling a japanese developer would be the first to try it. I mean, how could their vision be realised without five hours of FMV footage of children crying.

calderra4347d ago

Page back to Enchanted Arms- the developers originally said that game would take !FIVE! (as in, 5) DVDs. Yes, Japanese devs need to work on cutting down on the discs.

And yes, games like FF7 are on multiple discs, and no, it doesn't ruin the game. Most of the time in RPGs, you swap discs when the world blows up and you can't revisit the old areas, makign the disc change part of the epic nature of what's going on in the game. You have to switch to this brave new world that's being created in the game... manually.

And yes- Oblivion barely pushed the available space on one disc. Gears of War is probably tiny. Halo 3 will fit on one disc easily. Fable 2 and Forza 2 will both probably fit way under one disc. Mass Effect and Too human- probably one disc.

Meanwhile, Lost Oddyssey will probably wind up on 2-3 discs.

Just a guess.

BOOSTIN4347d ago

the developer of enchanted arms said that he would have liked to ship the game on 2 discs instead of 1, but they didnt have enough time to do everything they wanted with the game. M$ was anxious to have a game ready for the japanese market so enchanted arms was rushed. its still a great game though.

calderra4347d ago

There was a point during eA development when the devs did say the game was going to have trouble fitting on 5 discs. It wound up being kind of silly when they did realize the core game easily fit on one disc with little effort.

You can see another example with Small Arms- the developers were worried the game would take up 2GB of space and never fit on Live Arcade. 'Til they ran some compression, etc, and found it it easily fit under 50MB.


OutLaw4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

I always knew that this was going to be the answer to not having the Hd DVD drive but like BlackcountryBob said no big deal it doesn't take away from the experience.

shysun4347d ago

If done right it wont....but if you've ever played TW golf on GC you'd know it can be a pain in the ass!A few courses on disc one the rest on disc two.....Tournament HELLL!!!What about back tracking in games?If this game is like FF12 expect to loose 20lbs from swapping those disc bro....but thats bad case scenario.

Tempo4347d ago

Get ready for fanboy invasion on this one..ppl like DJ gametime and kingboy are soon gonna be tellin'us what to think and whats good for all.

Grown Folks Talk4347d ago

nobody complained about all of the 4 disc ps1 games. and guess what you have to do every time you play something different, change the disc. takes the same amount of time. i'm sure though, that they will place the switch right in the middle of a key moment, which will of course ruin the whole game.

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The story is too old to be commented.