Destiny and Expectations: Failure To Launch

What happens when the most hyped game on the year doesn’t live up to expectations, self-inflicted or otherwise.

Full disappointment and disclosure by Cory Galliher for Popzara.

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Serrafina1501d ago

The review was decent at its best. I really got confused at the beginning when the author discussed the whole 101 classes and Borderline stuff about the Destiny's cinematic story. I rather have concrete details then too much comparative stuff. It was hard to get to those fine descriptions, but readers will eventually get the gist of what this author mentions.


Its a ok game, I dont think its great though.

RatchetandClank1501d ago

I think the main problem with destiny that its the Frankenstein of video games. It has a bunch of parts from other games with nothing to call it own.

HanzoHattori1501d ago

I compare it to Wolfenstein with loot instead of upgrades.

kratoz12091500d ago

Yeah its okay,
The story structure and.mission is whatS horrible with it, no variety, although I think they should release the Dlc planets for free

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