Destiny - Missing Features Of The Crucible

Whether it is from the reported $500 million that Activision has committed to this project, or that amazing live-action commercial that debuted two weeks ago, there is no doubt that Destiny is the most talked about, most hyped title to arrive on the next generation consoles. Reddit, FaceBook, and Twitter feeds are constantly bombarded with screenshots, video clips and memes. And of course, there are numerous detractors who feel the game doesn’t deserve all of the positive attention it has been getting. But is Destiny destined for perpetual negative press or is it worthy of the hype, attention and anticipation it's been getting from gamers for the past year or so?

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nX1549d ago

Fully disagree with the arguments in this article, if you want these kind of things Destiny is the wrong game for you. However I agree with the statement that Destiny's PvP should get a few changes and additions.