Lichdom: Battlemage Review – Magically Brutal I The Koalition

Asad Quadri of The Koalition writes:
When it comes to fantasy games, the first thing that comes to mind is a wonderful, vast, epical open-world where the sky is the limit and you’re the centrepiece of it all. You’re going on an epic quest, discovering breathtaking landscapes and fighting to defeat an impending evil to save the world. That’s not really the case here. In this fantasy game your objective here is to make many magical wonders and use them to turn bad guys into heaping piles of ash. There is a plot to it somewhere but that’s soon forgotten when you start playing and seeing what’s on offer. Developers Xaviant Games with their title Lidchdom: Battlemage hopes to let the players loose in a world where you’re given mighty, destructive powers to unleash hell against anyone who stands in your way.

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MrKennedy1498d ago

This is a good review of Battlemage which is magically brutal.

JackOfAllBlades1497d ago

It's not magically delicious?

Venomousfatman1498d ago

Never really looked into this game before.

rbailey1498d ago

Definitely will be passing on this game.

Canipa1498d ago

Haven't really seen anything prior to this review. Looks badass but the linearity is kinda putting me off. Great review!

Romudeth1497d ago

I should check this out.

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