The Last of Us: The Movie

Article observing whether Hollywood will do a beyond mediocre adaptation of the hit Playstation video game, "The Last of Us." And who should be behind and front of the camera?

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XBLSkull1494d ago

Michael Cera would be prime for the role

Zizi1494d ago

I just don't fancy game-based movies. Most of them are critically bad. Or perhasp all of them....?

Mykky1494d ago

Agreed, but a lot of games have in my opinion pretty bad stories. Seeing those stories carried out by real life actors just seems unnatural or silly of some kind. (PoP movie was pretty okay though)
The Last of Us has a great story which fits the movie format perfectly, if the actors and director is chosen correctly I think this would make a damn good movie.

blakstarz1493d ago

The Silent Hill movie (the 1st one) wasn't bad for a movie based on the video game, but yes....most do suck.

BitbyDeath1493d ago

First Mortal Kombat movie was also good. Resident Evil movies aren't too bad either.

Wni01494d ago

It will probably be better honestly, as amazing as TLoU was, a film adaptation has the potential to be first class.

Aquariusgamer1494d ago

They are doing this film all wrong. It shouldn't take place during the game's timeline, it should take place right after sara dies. The first movie should be about the initial outbreak with joel and tommy surviving, and living in quarantine zones. The film just introduce us to and develop the world.

the second film should be a 10 year time jump where joel and tommy are hunters, and have whatever plotline detailing that, along with introducing new infected, like stalkers and such. also, introduce tess.

then, at the end of that movie there is another 10 year time jump that brings us right to the beginning of the game's own time jump, with old joel exiting a building with tess. with joel now having been developed for two movies, the third can introduce and focus on ellie.

basically, the first two films should fill in the time between sara's death and the 20 year time skip, with the third covering the events of the game, and introducing clickers and boomers.

uncharted561494d ago

The thing is movies take money to make and when you come to video game adaption of a movie, it is especially much more important for it too be good and taking a risk could be harmful so they are staying with the story of the game since they know it works. Plus if movies a success then they can always make a prequel.

BitbyDeath1493d ago

Nah, main problem with game to movie adaptations is moving away from the source material. Plenty of time for prequels later just get this right first.

fitfox1494d ago

I don't want The Last of Us tainted with a shit movie.

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