Editorial: Do Gamers Care About Destiny Review Scores?

Considering the lower-than-anticipated review scores, it's interesting that Destiny is selling so well. Is it just because gamers really don't care?

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Yo Mama1499d ago

I sure as heck don't. Me and my friends are loving this game!

NewMonday1499d ago

Gamers are no longer looking at reviews and nodding, this is happening for a while but with a high profile game like Destiny more people will wake up and start to build their own opinions.

Serrafina1499d ago

I think critics need to create two reviews: first impressions after the release and one month into playing the video game, especially MMO. You never know, the video game could get better or worse over time. Additionally, they need to record the hours because I wonder how many hours they actually put effort to play the game before writing the review.

SCW19821499d ago

Reviewers need to come at this from the perspective of Diablo and not an MMO. the story really sucked and was nonsense but so was there past stories. Gameplay and looting is fantastic though. This game rocks.

HanzoHattori1499d ago

I could give a rat's @ss what reviewers think. I just started playing yesterday and can honestly say that i'm drawn into the game, and that's how it's supposed to be. 8/10...