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TG writes: Developer Bungie's much hyped game Destiny has long been talked about, with both a public Alpha test and a public Beta test. We have been traveling around the the Destiny Universe for days and have experienced all three classes of soldiers in action. Is the game worth your cash, or is better off lost in space?

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knifefight1592d ago

Interested to see this one's longevity.

TerminalGamer1591d ago

Great game, but I think the hype hurt more than it helped.

ftwrthtx1591d ago

Some people might have been looking for something totally new, but really Bungie wasn't looking to create a new genre, just build a better mousetrap.

ShowGun9011591d ago

agreed. bungie just made a bigger halo, with co-op. whether thats good or bad is up to YOU, personally i think its awesome, just what i needed! LOL

Emme1591d ago

So far, Destiny seems to be less than it could be. I bet this genre can be innovated. There is more that You can do with a shooter.