#GamerGate Gets A New Female Icon While It Destroys Destiny On Twitter

One Angry Gamer "The narrative from major media outlets may be one of “misogyny” and “sexism” but the actual, objective truth is that #GamerGate has done more for women in games than any of the people who supposedly are fighting for inclusiveness and progression. The latest addition to the #GamerGate saga is a very positive one. No hit-piece assassinations or social justice jingoism aimed at textually berating people into submission. Nope. Instead, today, we get a brand new icon added alongside Gilda Mars and Vivian James, as well as a week that showcased the cares of gamers outweighing the might of marketing from an AAA publisher."

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LightDiego1495d ago

Gale is awesome, lol, and actually a gamer, not like Anita scumbag.

Serrafina1495d ago

Personally, the statement below bothered me a little.

"It’s amazing that all the new fictional characters coming out of this media circus escapade (and the clowns are the game journo scum, by the way) are all females. Funny that, eh?"

However, I did find this part fascinating.

"In fact, #GamerGate – throughout the week – managed to best Bungie’s first-person shooter, Destiny, on Twitter. I mean, this is only one of the biggest game releases of all time and a brand that’s worth $500 million."

WilliamUsher1495d ago

I did fire shots, it's true. I don't know if those game journo beta-males have developed proper feelings though... they all sound like they're still going through puberty.

But yeah, Destiny got completely destroyed on Twitter after that initial pre-release spike. I'm really curious if #GamerGate will have had an effect on its sales?

I guess we'll find out if #GG keeps going and when the NPD for September drops.

Serrafina1495d ago

Yeah. It's quite possible that GG might have some influence on the matter. Though, it's the low reviews from critics that will hit hard on sales for Destiny. Though, it might not have an immediate effect because the developer will be releasing more stuff after the release.