Star Citizen Brings Top Gear to Space with Amazing (and Hilarious) Trailer and More

If you like spaceships and Top Gear you’re going to love this, because when Star Citizen meets a parody of the popular BBC series and of its host Jeremy Clarkson, the result can only be awesome, and hilarious.

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masterfox1496d ago

well that look pretty awesome I must say,still don't know what exactly Star Citizen main idea is about, I hope in the end is a solid complete game package and finally make go crazy to upgrade my gaming rig again, last time that feel occur was when Crysis was released, I built my first gaming rig just to play that game, and since then I haven't had that feeling for a PC game, I hope Star Citizen changes that.

Abriael1496d ago

Basically it's both a single player game similar to wing commander, with a MMO-like persistent universe attached.

R00bot1496d ago

What a trailer! Now, I just need a super powerful PC...