Is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Headed to Wii U?

Can Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate also be heading to Wii U?

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R00bot1500d ago

That'd be great! I'll buy it if it does come to the Wii U.

jsslifelike1499d ago

This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting to see. Having it on a handheld is cool -to do gathering, hunt prep, etc- but big monsters deserve big screens. Sooo many feels and hopes riding on this one.

millgate11499d ago

I still have my fingers crossed an MH game will soon return to a Sony system. I'll defo buy this on the DS but no way am I buying a Wii U just for this.

stragomccloud1499d ago

True. You should by a Wii U for all of the other games too. ;)

As a PC gamer, the Wii U is the only console that stands out to me at the moment(emphasis on moment).

Concertoine1499d ago

Imagine how good a wii u or PS4 exclusive monster hunter game would look. Nintendo should spend whatever they need for capcom to make it, then really push it in the west.

R00bot1499d ago

Yeah, I think it's time they upgraded the Monster Hunter Engine. There's really no excuse for MH3U looking like a Wii game in HD.

rnmartinez1500d ago

I really hope so! Wii U sales are growing, no reason not to!

ritsuka6661500d ago

Omg pls!!! This would be the megaton game WII U need right now!"!

eaise1500d ago

Please don't be fake. I really want a new MH!

RAFFwaff1500d ago

I dunno. With the 'new' 3ds coming, theres been hints that it will synch up or can be used as a controller for the wii U.

ZeekQuattro1499d ago

Its possible seeing as how Smash 3DS can be used as a controller with its Wii U Smash counterpart.

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The story is too old to be commented.