NBA 2K15 - “What If?” Trailer

Watch the latest NBA 2K15 trailer from 2K Sports entitled "What If?" Have you ever wanted to create your own fantasy NBA team? Now you can with NBA 2K15's "MyTEAM" mode!

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CertifiedGamer1496d ago

What if Lebron never had left the Miami Heat then he would have more than 2 rings in his career.

voodoochild3461496d ago

Lol. He would be taking that same ass whooping against the spurs or any west playoff team not named thunder next year. Stay salty bandwagon heat fan...

CertifiedGamer1496d ago

You make no sense you call me a bandwagon heat fan even though I said Lebron would have gotten more rings had he stayed Heat. You need to learn what a band wagon is, you idiot.

Castle3331496d ago

Im glad MJ is still in 2k15.