CVG- Destiny Launch Review: Bungie's shared world shooter plays it safe

CVG- Big, beautiful and generous, Destiny will keep FPS fans happy for months to come. Yet its feeble story and safety-first approach means it can't help but feel slightly underwhelming.

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gamerqc1497d ago

This game is not an 8, but a lot of reviewers also play it safe by giving it a good score even though Destiny is mostly shit. I've seriously never played a game with such horrid game design through and through, from the missions to the features. I'm sorry but Gamespot actually is spot on for once.

PudgeyBurrito1497d ago

Well it's a good thing people think for there selves and don't base there opinions off 1 review as I for one think its a good game. But to each there own.

joab7771497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Wrong. Destiny is easily a 9. But I will say that of all u wanted was a single player experience w a bunch of cut scenes then u won't like it.

Good news is that there are so many 5 hr campaigns to play elsewhere. I will stick to amazing gunplay and content that will extend for quite awhile.

If u want sp, Destiny and ALL mmo's are not for you. They just are not. I love the loot grind and finally there's an mmo that has amazing fps gameplay.

Just playing the 6v6 and hard strike misspions... How can u not love that? And the idea that raids and more loot are coming.

Yeah, one thing I will say is that Bungie needs to embrace the mmo genre and go all in. Give us more customization and social tools so those that love rpgs can really form a community. Everyone else can play their Michael Bay movies.

Games like Diablo, FF14, DCUO, War frame etc. They don't create epic movie like stories. You are the story and what u do w ur friends.

Every game isn't the Last of Us. And while i loved that for what it was and played ot twice. I've already logged more hrs in Destiny...and i beat TLOU on grounded. They r different....and Destiny isn't for everyone.

ShowGun9011497d ago

yep, people will find anything to complain about, and the online aspect is one of them. aside from choosing when the enemies spawn, the events really cant be scripted like a corridor shooter can... i love corridor games, but the complaint that theres no variety hits them too... no branching story, events unfold the same way each time. welcome to storytelling!

destinys missions have to be completable by all 3 classes, meaning there CANT be a cool scene where you use the bosses weakness against the titans shoulder-ram to open him up for attack... you might not have a titan in your fireteam! fights and encounters can only be scripted loosely, meaning they're not quite as unique as a heavily scripted game. but the gameplay is polished, the graphics have that bungie style, and the PvP is balanced and AWESOME!

sorry, destinys at least an 8 in my book, probably a 9... most fun ive had since dark souls 2!

ShowGun9011497d ago

haha! ive played WAAAY worse games than this! broken, buggy, glitchy, unplayable messes... (terminator salvation? the fighter within? LOL!)

destinys a good game, it just dissappointed you. the stress being on YOU! im perfectly happy with it, i don't know what some people expected, the second coming of WoW or something... theres plenty of loot to grind for, lots of challenge, and im having a blast with my friends! plus the PvP is AWESOME!

im pretty sure most of the people so "mad" about this game haven't even played it, judging by their vague comments and how they "traded it in already"... heck, if they wanted their money back, amazon would be a much better option...

every person i personally know who bought destiny loves it. sure thats only about 10 people, but at least i know they actually tried it. the internet is too anonomous for me to take peoples opinions too seriously.

fanboysmackdown1497d ago

Yeah, not super impressed. It's good, not great. Heartless with lousy voice acting, especially that Ghost thing. I want some kind of semblance of Glados, Claptrap or 343 Guilty Spark. And that story........peeeeeeeuuuuw! This game is definitely no Halo. Still enjoying it but now I'm looking forward to the other new games coming soon.

joab7771497d ago

I do agree that the voice from portal 2, the comedy, would have been awesome. Kinda feel like Activision went with the hot hand on that one.

fanboysmackdown1497d ago

I guess after reading all the pre-release news on it knowing it was a more MMO game, I was still hoping for a more Halo CE sp experience. I'll have to scratch that itch with the remastered and Halo 5 when they come out. Good to hear people are enjoying Destiny MP part of the game.