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How does Fable Anniversary compare to the other versions?

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Agent_hitman1499d ago

Just a question guys. Why most of the X1/360 exclusives/game are getting PC love and attention these days?.. Don't get me wrong I'm a PC gamer too and I'd say that this is a good news, cause most of the X1 games that were initially exclusive are on PC right now like Dead Rising 3, Ryse Song of Rome and this game and many more..

Though, Forza 5 would be impossible to wish for.

coolbeans1499d ago

MS has a really strange position when it comes to handling its exclusives/console exclusives/whatever you want to consider it. It seems pretty easygoing with "exclusive fluidity," like those One/PC titles (or Fable Anniversary) because they have their hands in that market too in the form of their operating systems.

traumadisaster1499d ago

Pre ordered this to play in 4k and I love fable so perfect fit for me.