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XboxOZ360 writes:
"When originally released in 2001 Tetsuya Mizuguchi, inspired by modern abstract art, wanted to push the idea of technology and art through the medium of videogames. His template was an on rails shooter with simple conventional controls and an improbable story about a hacker who enters the virtual world to restore an artificial intelligence which is humanity's last hope. But the purpose of this was merely a platform from which he could convey the unique experience of synesthesia."

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DarkSniper3958d ago

Dark Sniper's advice for you Microslaves is to download this while you can. You know Microsoft will delete this in a short amount of time. How does it feel to know that your content is only available for a limited time only?

PlayStation Network surely doesnt have these problems.


XboxOZ3603958d ago

Oh do grow up mate, if you used your brain as much as your mouth, you'd realize if a product is not selling enough to support its self, no matter what the company, then you take it off the shelves . . . MS, Nintendo and even Sony will do the same. It's pointless having content on site if - no one buys it, or the few that do do not support it financially.

Ever notice why K-Mart or other stores =take product off their shelves or out of their cataloges, it's because they need to, as further investment would just be throwing money away.

Sony do not put every game they can on the PSN, they know that if they did, there's many that simply wouldn't see enough to make it viable. I hate fanboys like this who really have no idea of what the heck they are talking about, but simply want to make loud noises and see their words in print.

pimpstation3958d ago

This won't sell well on xbox live. It's not a sci-fi shooter with online multiplayer.

gaminoz3958d ago

I think a great many 360 owners like different games than what predominantly seem to be made for the system...diversity is a good thing. I think with more RPG and RTS games coming they have a good selection. Sports, racers, shooters, action, etc. Games like Carcassonne, Soduku, and Zuma also add diversity of experience.

Superfragilistic3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Actually it's sold almost 130K this year and is in the top 40 selling titles released on XBLA since inception hailing it a major commercial success. It is also the highest rated title on XBLA along with Castlevania (Both with a Metacritic of 89).

In comparison, it was a massive commercial flop on both the Dreamcast and Playstation 2 when the lesser version was released many years prior.

People will love this regardless of the platform, and Dark Sniper my advice to you is to pull that Sixaxis out of your arse and grab a 360 so you can play it! Last time I checked PSN doesn't have it and it's an XBLA exclusive!

Be a gamer not a hater. :)

pimpstation3957d ago

Or he could just play it on PS3 since it is actually a PS2 title.

gaminoz3957d ago

Yeah well at least over here Sony dropped backwards compatibility: my 40gig PS3 does not play PS2 games. Sucks!

Superfragilistic3957d ago

Yeah he could but that'd be in SD, full of jaggies, no surround sound and none of the online leaderboards, film downloads and bonus levels in Rez HD. And yet it'd still cost him more! Go figure... ;)

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