Child of Light: When Hooks Sink

"Child of Light may be my favorite game this year. No hyperbole, speak to the limited amount of games I played or the weak 2014 year, I really enjoyed Child of Light. Ubisoft’s small-scale development behind Child of Light brought a great deal of intrigue. Heck, I won’t consider it one of the best games of 2014, just a game being different. The slight adjustments and little diversions fueled by passion to bring more beauty out of the UbiArt engine through its love letter to JRPGs, streamlining the genre to a welcoming degree." - Robert Beach, Stealthy Box

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NewMonday1590d ago

also one of my favorite games, Transistor too.

weekev151590d ago

I got it a couple of weeks ago durijg an ubi eshop sale for wiiu. Its a charming wee rpg and the ubiart framework is just incredible for 2d platformers. Only criticism is that you should get to use the gamepad to control the firefly in 2 player coop.