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Giantbomb: "When you throw it all together, you're left with a game where the missions are designed to be repeatable, but all the missions are so repetitive that it's hard to get excited to see the same handful of environments again and again and again as you attempt to grind out faction reputation or hunt around for high-end weapons. It's a beautiful game, but a hollow experience."

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Chuk51498d ago

Can't lie, I am disappointed. There's so much potential. Alas, onto october.

*waits for alien*

ArchangelMike1498d ago

Yeah, coming off Halo, I was expecting a really deep story from Bungie. Guess that was my fault.

XBLSkull1498d ago

I was expecting higher reviews for sure, the game is still fun. I laughed at people saying this was like the Halo experience, when clearly it didn't turn out that way. If nothing else I suppose it is the best game of September lol.

4Sh0w1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Man I think we are too harsh on games nowadays. I'm not getting Destiny for now because I've decided to wait for the MCC because Im a huge Halo fan and all that content is to good to pass up. I'm just being sensible considering my options for the rest of the year as far as my gameplay time goes I can't justify having both so close together would be overkill for me in the shooter department, I just simply don't have the time to even put more than a couple hrs into Halo alone every evening to get my money's worth so right now buying both about a month apart is just wishful thinking.

Other than that I would pick up Destiny in a heartbeat because it's a great game, but seems like today's gaming media and gamers care more about what the "hype said" the game would be rather than just enjoying a great game because its fun....No, No, No it must reinvent the wheel because the hype some of which comes from Bungie/Activision doing what every major games marketing campaign does said it will be the next best thing/game changer but mostly because of the EXTERNAL HYPE that media said=hit seeking headkines because previews that say "Destiny looks like its going to be a good game." Dont attract attention like "OMG Destiny is a Revolutionary Shooter that wull change everything...or its the gamers themselves who are excited for a new experience so they set themselves up to believe "this will be the one".

I don't have Destiny but everyone I know outside of n4g is loving it, so far all the reviews with high score or low basically say it's a really good game but maybe can be repetitive; sure so it's not a game changer but WHY can't people just enjoy it for what it is= at worst just a good game OR at best a great game that isn't ground breaking.

Palitera1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

^ So... Tell us more about not having a game and adopting sheep behavior.

I'm intrigued about your "solid, well based and well informed" opinion about Destiny even thoug you never played it. Even more about your opinion on "other people" just following trends... "They" are really naive, aren't "they"?

FYI, Destiny is below 8.0 (sometimes even 7.5) on GameRankings/Metacritic and communities in general are having mixed reactions. You are absolutely wrong if you think this is only happening on N4G and, well, reviewers in general.

It's a good game, yes, but as much as Diablo 3's vanilla compromised too much to focus all the game design and progression on the auction house cash cow, Destiny took their commitment to milking DLC (which stupid people call "expansions") too seriously to the point of one of the most hyped games in history not even reaching 8.0 average. Guess what? All reviews I've seen deduct points from the game for the lack of variety.

Good game? Yes. But there are severe annoyances and I understand anything from a 5 to a 9 with this game. I'm having fun, but the DLC centered design follows you on every of the very few maps (or "planets" as the called lol).

4Sh0w1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

No sheep behavior here and yes I don’t have the game but even by your own admission its a good game and reviews sole purpose is to give you an idea of a games merits before you buy why cant I make the observation based on the same reviews that they seem to be looking for something else rather than just telling me pros and cons about the game itself.

Seriously though, I think you missed my point entirely, which is its fine to be critical of flaws with ANY game but all the "live up to the hype" claims every game nowadays is measured by is a flawed premise to begin with, since you can always say that about every game that doesnt score mostly 10's/GOTY, lol that should not be the standard for any game, it should always be a SURPRISE when a game is actually that good, just wish the foolish notion that every big release must prove to be some new revolution, no thats BS, if that were the case then the bar for what makes a game truly special is too low.

"Destiny: 11 Reasons It Doesn't Live Up To The Hype"

"Destiny’s Downfall: What the Game Could Have Been"

"Destiny: What’s Next After the Hype?"

"Destiny review: the future of games remains locked in the past"

"WTF Bungie? Where's The 500 Million At In Destiny?"

-Again I don’t mind the critical opinions or scores but I do get the feeling with a bunch of headlines like these that many of the websites and gamers alike set their expectations waaay too high which frankly all the actual trailers, gameplay and Beta never really suggest this was going to be anything besides a really good shooter with mmo, rpg-style elements, never saw anything tech wise, gameplay wise or game design wise that I thought wow I can't wait to see how they will pull that off...I think these "severe flaws" just depends on who you ask, I'm not speaking for everybody anymore than you can I'm just suggesting the reviews seem a bit harsh BECAUSE of expectations rather than the games merits, that's all.

Palitera1498d ago

Skull, about the "journalism", N4G temperature meter shows that, as in the industry itself, the consumers support the crap. I agree with you on this point.

About the game itself, I disagree about Bungie's take on this. They told you would explore worlds to discover stuff, for instance. Well, the "planets" are maps, the "stuff" to discover... Simply doesn't exist. The maps are full of nothing. I see a cave. I think, nice, lets check it. Nothing inside. I see another. Again.

It is not nitpicking. It is present on the whole barren game.

What they had in mind when designed the game was purely DLC. This is the main idea of the game, as the Auction House was in vanilla Diablo.

Again, the game is good, but their greed generated an insane amount of problems.

But, as we know, it will pay up in the end. Because we will pay.

NewMonday1498d ago


"but seems like today's gaming media and gamers care more about what the "hype said" the game would be rather than just enjoying a great game because its fun....No, No, No it must reinvent the wheel"

well said!


it's a great game, it has the best gunfights in FPS since KZ2, the interaction with other players is great I almost had my @$$ handed to me a few times but in the last second the enemy gets shot just as he is about to deliver the final blow by a random player passing by, I was on the other end of the saving shot myself, seeing a player get mauled in the distance I took out my sniper rifle and picked away at the enemy.

and the caves I ventured into had a level?? enemy in them, I had no chance so I turned tail and vowed to return.

also my nephew who was bored with most games this new gen can't stop playing it.

ABizzel11497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )


"If nothing else I suppose it is the best game of September lol."


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Dispair
Velocity 2X
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Hyrule Warriors
Forza Horizon 2

All have a better chance. Desinty was a disappointment. Barren worlds, lack of rewarding the gamer, everything is a grind (especially playing solo), poor story if you can call it that, lack of epic or wow moments, repetitive and not in a fun way, there's just nothing memorable about it.

Is it a bad gam, no, it's just average. 7.5 / 10 IMO, and a poor man's Borderlands, with better graphics. (7 - 8.5 range is about right, but it's not a 6 or lower).

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-Foxtrot1498d ago

I think you should be cautious of Alien to be honest. No point going in with high hopes after the last two Alien games were hyped up then ended up being crap.

Chuk51498d ago

Yeah but those were aliens game. This is an alien game, the movie that holds up well and would transfer into a game.

-Foxtrot1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Alien/Aliens...same thing man

It's still based on the Alien franchise, just because it has one Alien in doesn't mean it's automatically going to be better. I mean Aliens is regarded by many to be better then Alien.

Plus it's not even based on the film, only the DLC is.

grailly1498d ago

I wouldn't worry too much about it, I played it a bit at gamescom and thought it was quite brilliant.

3-4-51498d ago

Seems like majority of complaints are about the story.

This is a game not a book.

Story is just setting up the world, I'm sure more of the story will be there through DLC.

It's a long on going process...kind of like WoW, where they tell story over time.

warczar1498d ago


I also dont think the people complaining about the loot have even touched a legendary weapon yet. This guy's opinion really sucks, I'm not saying the game is perfect but it's a hell of a lot better than a 3 out of 5. And while we're on the subject, isn't a 5 star rating system a really shallow way to rate games?

FalloutWanderer20771498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I think that is exactly the problem! How much money do people need to spend? 2 $20 DLC after already spending $60+?? GTFO.

This B.S. is heading to set a precedent along with other shoddy gaming business practices. Before you know it we will need to buy end level 10-12 dlc so we can finish a games campaign story! Come to think of it, that is exactly what I feel is going to happen/is happening with Destiny.

LamerTamer1498d ago

So you basically get an incomplete game with a shallow story but if you want the FULL experience you need to spend another $60 on DLC through the years. It is like this is a demo just to get you to keep buying more content, no thanks.

Chuk51498d ago


Alien and aliens are massively different. kinda like fallout 2 and fallout 3.

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lelo2play1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Not surprised by reviews. I knew this game was overhyped months ago.

Walker1498d ago

I believe in jeff gerstmann, i'm dissapointed as hell :(

alb18991498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Well invest money by SONY.....MS must say "We have something better in our negotiation with Titanfall"

paddy951498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Both are mediocre games. Advanced warfare looks like how Titanfall should have been. No bots, more game modes, highly polished campaign, higher multiplay counts etc.

dcj05241498d ago

Yeah after 6 years i'm gonna actually but COD.

wsoutlaw871498d ago

why would sony care? destiny sold better than titanfall and sold more ps4s and i can guarantee they didn't pay nearly as much for the small amount of content.

Ninver1498d ago

One trick pony? Sure is looking like it. The scores are all over the place.

Funantic11498d ago

True. The reviews are mostly low.

dcj05241498d ago

6 is average not low, low 5 and below

Chuk51498d ago

One trick? You do realize Bungie has other games that halo right?

Ninver1498d ago

Care to give me names of those games? Point I'm trying to make is FPS seems to be their strong point but each game has seen a decline in quality since the second halo.

shinrock1497d ago

Which is all part of one universe. Marathon,oni,halo are linked.

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