Is The Vita Aimed At Kids Now?

The Playstation Vita is apparently being steered away from the core gamer and more towards kids and casuals. Just look at the upcoming Vita LittleBigPlanet Marvel Super Hero Editiongames. Minecraft, LittllebigPlanet Karting, Littlebigplanet Marvel Super Hero, Minecraft…..this is no longer a core gamers console.

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jujubee881499d ago

I've been called worse. :)

CrimsonAzure1499d ago

Or maybe they're just expanding their userbase...?

:0 no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Flamebait headliners lol.. get outta here with that shit.

TongkatAli1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Yeah, like Hotline Miami 2 and Duke Nukem. Look up Gyossaint, that is coming to the Vita as well, perfect game for your six year old.

Lol, but wait there is more, Danganronpa 2 just came out, it has a cute psychotic satanic bear mascot with a complex storyline, all I hear is cute teddy bear, definitely for kids.

This is my Muramasa blade of sarcasm, puhuhu.

Killzoner991499d ago

SMH Nope, the Vita is the adult handheld and Nintendo caters to the children. This is obvious when you simply look at the Vitas mature lineup. I wouldn't let any kid play Soul Sacrifice that game is for adult eyes only.

nodim1499d ago

Another silly band of attention-whor--- erm, grabbers. Just look at the other publications. Zero analysis and zero logic, what are these guys even doing at N4G, I wonder.

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The story is too old to be commented.