10 Most Infamous Unreleased Gaming Consoles

Some of the most interesting consoles were never even available in stores.

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ArtificiallyYours1587d ago

Not to forget the several iterations of the Atari 2600 which, today, looks like an early warning sign of a Videogame market crash?

TongkatAli1586d ago

Nintendo wanted all the profits for that console, they wanted give Sony like 20% from all the profits they would make, they also didn't want the Sony name written anywhere on the console, then the PS1 was made and spanked them good.

If it wasn't for Sony we would still be using cartridges that costed 70$ and Final Fantasy 7 would have had Mario 64 backgrounds.

Minute Man 7211586d ago

I read that it was Sony that wanted all the profits but this gave birth to the Plastation

ShinMaster1586d ago

Sony wouldn't have been able to do anything that wasn't in their agreement with Nintendo. Otherwise Nintendo could take legal action.

However, it was Nintendo that went behind Sony's back in the end, which clears Sony of any wrong doing.

hduce1586d ago

Good read. We need more articles like this on N4G.

LightDiego1586d ago

My cousin still has a Jaguar, with the box and everything.
I would be happy with a Nintendo 64, PS1 and Dreamcast today.

Jonny5isalive1586d ago

I got my N64 and dreamcast still but I gave my ps1 away when I got a ps2 back in the day. I also have my gameboy, game gear and SNES still.

I got boxes for my ps1-n64-dreamcast-ps2-ps3 and 360 and vita, some are empty tho.

Relientk771586d ago

Atari Jaguar Duo? what lol

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