VG-Reloaded: Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Chances are that by now you've seen most MGS 4 reviews, some are near perfect at 10 while others are less gracious and gave them somewhere in the area of 8-9, which is still high but for a game of this magnitude, one can't help thinking that it's more of an insult to what could be the biggest game of all time.

Hideo Kojima more or less created the stealth genre, and without Metal Gear there would probably not be a Hitman or a Splinter Cell. Kojima has worked wonders with the franchise and pulls off a compelling and dignified way to end the saga of Solid Snake.

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Axe993827d ago

9.8/100 eh? Of course, it's just a typo and I'm just having a lark.

PoSTedUP3827d ago

end of act 4 = 28:37:56 total. so far. o.O

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3827d ago

& then I see it got 9.8/100 that probably has something to do with it! update your review

PimpHandHappy3827d ago

fighting mantis

24 hours i think

My next run will be slower. More sneaky. I was blowing through this game just to get to the cut scenes.

this game has blown my mind for every one of those 24 hours

PoSTedUP3827d ago

i was savoring every last minute of it.

have you gotten the mk.23 original mgs1 pistol? when you go back to shadow moses?

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3827d ago

how bout you guys pm some of those minor, minor spoilers to each other! Some people want every second to be a surprise!

SacT0wnF1n3st3827d ago

LOL 9.8/100...Man with this score it sure will bring the average on metacritic/gamerankings down. *wink* *wink*

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The story is too old to be commented.