Destiny: 11 Reasons It Doesn't Live Up To The Hype

WC: We’re officially on Day 3 of Bungie’s massively-anticipated, $500 million gaming juggernaut, Destiny, being out in the wild, and it’s been quite the ride to say the least. While the gaming press has steered clear of posting any full reviews yet due to the online-only nature of the game, one needn’t look far online to see a sizable chorus of disappointed fans who, while enjoying Destiny, are also finding it all a bit lacking given the hype train we’ve been riding ever since the first reveal all that time ago.

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ramiuk11495d ago

"disappointed fans who, while enjoying Destiny, are also finding it all a bit lacking"

very true,im loving it but there is so much it could of had and hasnt.Im gonna give it a few weeks though and see what happens.

it just feels so empty at times.
i think i kinda imagined it be to much like an mmo and had 100s of people all over place.
wish it had an ingame chat feature too.
to long winded to run upto someone and then go into messages etc to communicate.

proximity chat would be great

sobotz1495d ago

True, the first time I watched the announcement trailer, I thought it's gonna be a REAL open world just like any MMO (since they insisting always online to player).. Like 1 planet full explorable from City and Dungeons without any loading (like Fallout for example).

ShowGun9011495d ago

thats the thing tho, bungie never said it would be 1 open map with 100s of players! they never classed it as an mmo, just said they borrowed a few mmo elements... people took what they wanted to hear and blew it SO outta proportion bungie couldn't have matched it anyway... not all the hype was their fault, fans imagine WAY more than anybody could EVER deliver...

ABizzel11495d ago

1 reason I won't read this article.

Because you spread a list of 11 things over 11 pages, for 11x the clicks -_-

Soldierone1495d ago

I think it just needs to be patched. Something server side isn't grouping people together. During the beta I ran into people all the time. Since launch I've come across maybe 4 people total.

It'll be better given time hopefully!

IVanSpinal1495d ago

Destiny Ghost Edition costumers, how you feel?

mr2331495d ago

Did people actually dress up as a Ghost?

MrSwankSinatra1495d ago

I was almost stupid enough to buy the ghost edition, good thing my brother talked me out of it.

AnimeFreak0131495d ago

Yeah I agree with you man i played the beta and wasn't all impress and I got it for X1 still hoping it would be somewhat better and I still wasn't all impress. like u said it feels like it's lacking something and I was expecting it to like a small MMO type of game like 12 max players on the battlefield doing co op stuff or 12 on 12 VS but it's not. This is why never get ur hopes up on a game until u play it and then decide if it lives up to the hype or not.

ion6661495d ago

You can always point and dance. What a terrible game. Co-op bungee your doing it wrong and where is the public events .I'm a level 18 and did like 1. Which wasn't fun when everyone is one shooting high level enemies leaving me just being a spectator.

kratoz12091495d ago

Agreed also there should of being more planets.

n4rc1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Kinda depends..

Today before work the worlds felt very alive.. Had about 6 guys show up for a public event and the tower was packed..

Chat would be very welcome tho..

Edit for above.. I believe public events are hourly.. But you need to be on patrol I believe, not a mission

LamerTamer1495d ago

Just wait until people get bored with PVP and it is a ghost town. You don't even have a good SP campaign to play during slow times and make it worth while. Of course there will be lots of DLC for you to keep buying... Meh.

ramiuk11494d ago

be nice if there was some fun kinda grinds like in mmos,also wish there was more magic with warlocks,they just throw a blue ball

SharnOfTheDEAD1494d ago

The same Hype created by the very media that are now attacking it...

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Its good so far. give it time, Dont think it is Borderlands good though

LamerTamer1495d ago

At least Borderlands had a good long campaign mode to play and you could even be offline and play it. Borderlands was much better.

Panthers1494d ago

Plus Borderlands had awesome NPCs. For any game trying to convey a story (which Destiny does not seem it is trying to.) then interesting characters are very important.

I want to love this game because I was so excited for it, but damn it has let me down. I was not expecting a ton, but a good SciFi story was probably number 1 on my most needed list for this game.

Dirtnapstor1494d ago

I think this game has real potential story-wise. Bungie better start disclosing things before the fanbase jumps ship! But really, they stated from the start, the story will be progressive. So why the hate right?

mikel10151495d ago

This game has a 74 on Metacritic with a yellow sign. I would have never expected this to happen, I expected high 80's from this game. Hopefully Bungie can learn from this game when they inevitably release a sequel.

gangsta_red1495d ago

I think one of the greatest problems with this game was it was made for all systems including the 360 and PS3.

Yes they have a higher install base but a game that seemed to be a beast should have been developed only for next gen in mind.

It's the same with Watch_Dogs, these games just scream untapped potential due to being on the last gen consoles.

For this new IP they should have went hard or went home.

SteamPowered1495d ago

Good point. Im especially sad that there is no PC version. Oh well, maybe the sequel.

Imalwaysright1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

And what exactly would change if the game was made only for next gen consoles? The gameplay? The level design? The weapons?

gangsta_red1495d ago


Sadly I don't know and we never will until a sequel comes out much later down the line when PS4 and Xbox One are the only consoles out there.

When we see all the improvements and the dev saying that these improvements can only be done on "____" system (as they always do) then we can get a good understanding of what was held back due to parity for all systems.

FalloutWanderer20771495d ago

Agree. That is certainly without a doubt one of Destiny's major problems. Cannot stand cross-gen games, no offense 360/ps3 gamers.

That is why I truly believe games like Witcher 3 & Batman Arkham knight to name a few are easily going to be a few steps a head of the competition up until this point purely based on the fact they are "next gen" only titles. I'm especially eager to play Witcher 3! :)

I sincerely hope Destiny 2 or whatever it may be called is NOT cross-gen! If it is then we're talking the epitome of wasted potential!

Panthers1494d ago

This games biggest problem is its inability to suck you into the world it has created. I have no motivation for what I am doing in this game. No interesting characters, no attachment to the world, nothing that makes me want to fight.

Even the last city is just a backdrop I can never visit and get to know the last civilation on Earth. I would like to see its customs and traditions. Give me something that will drive my character to fight

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Mega241495d ago

People are asking for content, which is coming, in the coming months, for September they have a Raid and Events planed. People can't just wait, they are running the content in a WoW fashion, releasing it weeks after release in a steady flow.

Clown_Syndr0me1495d ago

I wouldnt pay £50 to wait...

Bonkerz1495d ago

Way to repetitive, PVP is unbalanced, there is no real story, and character development is non- existent. Sold my copy today, dont regret it one bit, i was already getting bored of the same thing over and over again. Was it fun grinding for gear? Yes, but theres a certain point where it just becomes mind blowing at how little content this game actually has. There is alot of games i am looking forward to coming soon so im not to upset about it, although i was really looking forward to Destiny, to me it has been a mega disappointment though.

Mega241495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I'm gonna leave this here,

The content given on release wasn't going to be the only content for the game...

il-JumperMT1495d ago

I kept saying that Destiny sucks since Beta. Guess who was right.

skoorydook1495d ago

Well plenty of people like it and since you saying it sucks is simply an opinion and not a factual statement, that really doesn't make you right.

Funantic11495d ago

I said the same thing and got many disagrees. Destiny sucks. People just wanted something new to play. Plus the huge amount of preorders came from it being available for preorder for about 2 years. People forgot Destiny got delayed before. Imagine if GTA V had preorder availability for 2 years.

skoorydook1495d ago

Well yes you would have got disagrees and do you know why ? are you ready for a life changing epiphany ?

You and others saying it sucks is an opinion, not a fact, reviews are ranging from 5 through to I belive 9.5 that is basically split down the middle, so you see some people don't think it sucks hence the disagrees, I would personally give it an 8.

Now someone who would give it more or less than that can disagree because it is an opinion.

CorndogBurglar1495d ago

Well, opinions can't be right or wrong, so....

DanteVFenris6661495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

After playing the beta and putting my expectations way lower. I was able to buy the full game with more appreciation. That said I do believe activision is not at fault. Bungie was already starting to show signs of greed. With halo being pretty similair every instalment. But destiny does fall short in a lot of ways. Things that would make it from a 7/10 to a 8.5-10 would be :split screen, chat, auto party(rand people group), real open world instead of that linear piece of shit, more levels, more classes(3 is lazy as fuck haven't played a game with so few in a long time), more open world maps. The rest they did good. It feels solid but nothing special. That said I don't regret my purchase.

It just feels to me bungie had no idea how to make a good rpg. They made some good foundations but where is the content?

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