XBA Review: Destiny

XBA: "You might be wondering what the point is in reviewing Destiny at this juncture in time. The game's been out for days and chances are, you're already playing it and making up your own mind about whether Destiny was worth the wait, and is worth the continued hours you may or may not be sinking into it."

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Tedakin2208d ago

Yup. It's an average game. It's not great by any means. The presentation is GREAT. The actual game is forgettable and ultimately pretty boring.

ape0072208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

not average, no where near, pretty well designed game with fantastic gameplay, it just lacks a well focused SP campaign, a focused story and theme

FarEastOrient2207d ago

We may've not played all the Destiny content or even the raids that have yet to be unlocked, so they give Destiny a 75. Forget that they gave Titanfall with fewer content a 88.

urwifeminder2208d ago

343 must have kept half the good staff by the sounds of it been playing some big battle on H4 gearing up for the xb1 release its fun as heck never got around to playing before.

Tedakin2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Polygon and The Escapist have released their reviews too now. Along with Gamespot, they give it a 6 as well. Three 6 outta 10s... A lot of sites you've never heard of have given it higher scores.

Hellsvacancy2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

I got shot down in flames because I said Destiny (based on the beta) will be nothing more than an average forgettable shooter

"you based your opinion just because of the bata, your not a gamer" yep, and rightly so

Yet here we are, I don't want games to suck, they wouldn't suck as much if it wasn't for the hype that goes into games these days, hype does nothing but set your expectations too high, only to leave you slightly disappointed

Gazondaily2208d ago

Yeah I got criticised for my opinion piece after the beta:

The final product doesn't surprise me because the beta, which was essentially a demo, made it abundantly clear what the game was as opposed to what we were led to believe.

Sketchy_Galore2208d ago

That's just the way it goes. I've had to make myself resist the urge to go through my comment history and find my downvoted to hell comments about how Watch dogs was a major disappointment and how everyone was gonna agree with me once the hype wore off, along with all the accusations that I'm just a hater who doesn't appreciate any game that tries something new and isn't just COD. It's annoying to see people fall for hype again and again but at least we get a nice smug feeling watch the majority slowly come around to our way of thinking as it all wears off.

objdadon2208d ago

Haters gonna hate! I've been having a ball non stop since 12:01 am Tuesday! This game is not the type that can be reviewed in a couple days, week, or weeks! It's a lot to the leveling system, way more than I ever expected! This game sh!ts on halo imo! Love it! Now back to destiny!!!!!!!!'

Torque_CS_Lewith2208d ago

You almost sound convincing/convinced. Nice try though.

CaspuR2207d ago

Dude noones hating on the game, No sane person will buy a game knowning there going to dislike it. I just get this feeling from destiny that it didnt even try to be a great game. I mean how can a story like destiny exist in 2014 for a si fi shooter after we got great games like mass effect and halo (a game that they made). bungie had a strong foundation and great games around the same genre to use a blueprints and building materials and they manage to make a game with the void of any personally and the gameplay chops of an early 2000s korean mmo. This game is a stain on the bungies name, in more ways than one. I am extremely disapointed in bungie.

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