FIFA 15 Demo Impressions: What's New?

Chris Mawson writes: "With FIFA 15 now only a matter of days from release, EA Sports have made a demo of the title available for download across home consoles and PC. Although restricted to exhibition matches with a limited number of teams to choose from, we've still had time for plenty of kickabouts over the past 48 hours, and think we have a pretty good feel for how the full game should perform come September 23."

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nfl1549d ago

Have enjoyed it on ps4. Only problem being the demo seems to lag after i play with liverpool v man city. If i restart match, its fine. If i try choosing another team, the game lags.

Zenith4k1549d ago

Same lagging problem here, but I'm still not convinced it's worth 60 quid.

jlm91549d ago

Am I the only one who felt that this demo was a serious let down in the series. I have three major concerns just from one game already.

1. The goalkeeping was terrible beyond belief. I was Liverpool and had scored three in the first twenty minutes of which all three went weakly between Joe Hart's legs.

2. There was a huge disconnect between the player ball and field. It felt like you were playing with a 6 inch sheet of plexiglass between the player and the field. Perspective wise the ball felt like it was constantly 6 inches above the actual surface.

3. Almost all of the players look like they are in need of a good meal. Many of them were pencil thin - I actually checked to make sure I hadn't hit a button on the remote because it looked like a HD image being played through an SD tv to me they were that thin. (It is a 1080p tv).

Fortunately I have EA access so I can try the full game before I buy it but this may be a miss year.

iceman061549d ago

I actually agree with you thus far. I haven't played many games (about 3 or 4), but it does seem like they took a slight step backwards. My biggest issue has been some silly AI gaffs. I have seen a midfielder dribble right up to a winger...for what??? It would have been easier, quicker, and more efficient to just one-two pass it and break open for a strike on goal. Plus, there's a strange warping effect when auto defending sometimes. I made up about 2 ft. of space on a player that had gotten past me just by holding the auto-defend button. Also, the AI still doesn't really utilize the midfield effectively. They are there. They do pass there. But, the build-up just feels off. Rarely any pass backs. They just seem to be waiting for that all too potent through ball. I'm gonna give the PES demo a try (hoping for the best...not necessarily expecting it) and see which game will be my go-to for this year.